For anybody that has ever worked in retail this book is for you!

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In this quick and hysterical read you will meet all of the customers that you love to hate.  It will also remind you why you love to work in retail.  Despite the crazy hours and the angry customers, working in retail is an addiction.  Freeman will make you laugh out loud and want to read passages to your coworkers.    

Freeman worked at Nordstrom's in the handbag(never the purse) department for years.  He tells you about all of his regulars- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  He recalls the people that made his job the best and worst thing that ever happened to him.  

If you like the writing that Jen Lancaster brought to the table you will love Retail Hell.

Categories: biography, humor
by nancybabyble on ‎09-18-2009 03:19 PM

Did this person work for walmart,???...LOL

by Sobriquet on ‎09-22-2009 01:00 AM

For God's sake, it's "Forever WHO has ever worked in retail . . . not THAT worked in retail!!  Correct your grammar - remember the rule:  people WHO, things THAT - very simple and make you sound so much more intelligent!

by MissRomanticalReads on ‎09-23-2009 12:12 AM

For goodness sakes, if your going to correct someone grammatically at least do it intelligently 


"By Sobriquet

For God's sake, it's "Forever WHO has ever worked in retail . . . not THAT worked in retail!!  Correct your grammar - remember the rule:  people WHO, things THAT - very simple and make you sound so much more intelligent!"


First of all the topic is for anybody that has ever worked  in retail, not whatever you just said about forever, you are correct about the who but clearly your re-write was extremely off




...very simple and make you sound so much more intelligent!"


I'm pretty sure that's broken english at its finest, please edit yourself before editing others.

by B&N Bookseller Brendan_S on ‎10-29-2009 11:23 PM

This book is wonderful. I work at the Barnes & Noble in Riverside, CA. I had one of his co-workers come into my store and ask for the book. We talked for a while, and afterwards I read it. Mr. Freeman Hall will be coming into my store the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I believe he will be there all day. I can't wait!



by LovebooksLL on ‎12-19-2009 08:45 PM

To those above who have added such comments as, "Did this person work for walmart,???...LOL,” I find it sad that you would find your question funny.  It is insulting and demeaning to anyone who may work for Walmart.  To be so critical of others grammatical errors - what is wrong with those of you that have nothing better to do than criticize others.

Why not critique the book; I believe that is what this site is meant to be used.

(By the way - Walmart should have been capitalized)

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