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Every now and then, I hit on one of those books that I can't put down.  I know I've found one of those books when I'm neglecting all the other forms of entertainment in my life--TV, Xbox, the Internet--just to read.  This was the case with "The Unlikely Disciple."


I started reading this book with high expectations, and they were delivered on.  Roose's style of writing is both accessible and entertaining at the same time.  His depictions of his semester at Liberty University are vivid and will make you angry and make you laugh in the same paragraph.  In case you're wondering, he treats Liberty very fairly--if you're expecting a brutal smackdown, you won't find it here.  Most of the time he just lets Liberty speak for itself, the good and the bad, and I think in the end that might be what I like so much about this book.


Of all the books I've read in my 7 years at Barnes & Noble, this is definitely in my top 10%, and I will be recommending it to customers for a long time to come.


Great for: non-fiction readers, expose enthusiasts, and people with an open mind about religion.

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