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Suzanne Collins combines the hot genre of teen fantasy with trendy reality TV. In a maybe-not-so-distant future, teenagers enter a lottery for the chance to participate in the Hunger Games, a competition broadcast on all channels where the winner takes fame and glory back to their home.


What I liked most about the book was that even for people who aren't fans of fantasy writing, The Hunger Games works just fine. The setting may be the future and the United States may not be recognizable, but enough current elements exist in the world Collins created that anyone will enjoy it. Of course I could expound on the universal themes of love and family and independence, but those are just side effects of the novel.


It's one of those books that I couldn't put down. In fact, it didn't even take a long time to get into it, like many books I've been reading lately. It started off quick-paced. It stayed quick-paced. Surprises lurked around every corner. The characters are real. I can compare them to my friends in real life. I want them to be my friends. I care about what happens to them and hope for the best. Those are some of the things I look for in a great young adult read. And The Hunger Games pretty much holds all of them.

by BooksObsession on ‎04-30-2009 06:39 PM
I want to read this book sooo badly! It looks very interesting, and I've heard great reviews about it. Hopefully, I'll snag a copy of it, soon!
by B&N Bookseller Sarah_R on ‎05-08-2009 03:02 PM
You definitely should read it! It's completely engrossing and you won't want ti put it down, so make sure you have enough time to enjoy it. The sequel comes out in a few months, so get reading asap so you're ready to read more.
by Calender7890 on ‎06-02-2009 03:34 PM
This book is awesome! There's lots of action with some romance thrown in. There's suspense throughout the entire book! I loved it and so did my friends!
by MegC on ‎06-25-2009 02:16 PM

I just finished reading this book and it was phenomenal! Can't wait for the second to release. I can definitely see this being the next Harry Potter and Twilight series..  Definite Two Thumbs Up!

by Doxie66 on ‎07-07-2009 10:02 AM
This book was excellent! I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the second one to come out (Sept 09). I've already got it preordered.
by NYCbookluver on ‎08-06-2009 02:39 PM

A few weeks ago, I was going on a camping trip and wanted a good book to read while camping. I asked my friend if she new of any good books and she strongly recomended this one. She lent it to me, letting me know it's one of those books that sound really weird but actually turn out amazing! We generally have the same taste in books, so I trusted her and read it. It was fantastic! I loved every second of it! The adventure, the romance, and the way you get so involved with the characters you can't stop reading. The author does a great job of creating a situation in the future that, with all the detail she adds, seems thouroughly believable and intruiging. The book is a must read! I would recomend it to anyone looking for a new, great book!!!

by B&N Bookseller melissas on ‎08-07-2009 12:40 AM

I can't explain why, but when someone tells me they want a Twilight fix, my mind always jumps to this book. Perhaps because it was just as hard to put down. I can't wait just a few more weeks for the sequel. I hear it has even more of a cliffhanger!

by B&N Bookseller Paul_C on ‎08-11-2009 03:55 AM
I absolutely loved this book. I avoided it for a while thinking it was a bit too morbid, a bit too "Running Man." I had know idea I could be so wrong on a first impression. No reviews or blurbs can do justice to this story. The characters are deep and flawed, and wonderful. The situation is nigh unbearable, but somehow, the characters are able to persevere and find some level of happiness, which is repeatedly stolen from them, only to have them come back stronger. Add in the adventure, and well plotted action and you have a package that was a wonderful surprise and has to be one of the most original books I have seen in a long time.
by B&N Bookseller Scarls17 on ‎08-13-2009 08:54 PM
I love a book that sounds like a great movie and this one would be a HIT!!!  And it's not just for teens. I'm 29 and loved it.
by B&N Bookseller Sarah_R on ‎08-14-2009 10:57 AM
Don't forget that its sequel comes out at your local B&N on September 1st!

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