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Lasting characters and scenes? (Spoilers!)

I'd like to hear which characters--even minor characters--will stick with you most from Child 44?
Which scenes will?
I think some of the tough older women are my favorite minor characters. And I found the scenes between Andrei and Nadya near the end to be so horrible creepy AND sad--his killer instincts, vs. her innocence and yearning to be given any affection by her father--that they will really haunt me.
Any others?
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Re: Lasting characters and scenes? (Spoilers!)

Leo and Raisa are very real to me and I'm very invested in their future.  Will Leo actually be able to shake his demons?  It will be very interesting to see how a character as strong as Raisa will develop in the next book.  Thank goodness there is a next book!
I found myself feeling very badly about Andrei's family.  What will become of them after learning that their father was a monster?  What will become of Nadya after seeing her father kill and be killed?
The State, itself, was the looming and haunting presence.  I look forward to seeing how author, Tom Rob Smith, will evoke the atmosphere of the coming administration.
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