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More Books by Anita Shreve

The Last Time They Met
Shreve shows how the decisions we make can affect the course of our lives. It is with mixed emotions that poet Linda Fallon greets her old lover, fellow poet Thomas Janes, when they bump into each other at a literary festival. Devastated by their breakup years before, Janes chose this moment to reconnect and, if possible, reignite their romance.

Both the war and the Nazi occupation have depleted whatever joy there may have been in Claire Daussois's marriage. On their small farm in the south of Belgium, Claire and her husband, Henri, shelter refugees -- Jews, Allied pilots, and fleeing Belgian soldiers. When an American B-17 bomber is downed Claire takes in the injured pilot. Henri is away on Resistance work, leaving 20 days for a Claire and Lieutenant Ted Brice to be closed off from the world and the war. A life-changing passion develops, yet their love is also haunted and impossible -- which only makes it more precious.

A Wedding in December
In this ensemble novel, seven former high school friends reunite for a wedding in the Berkshires, 26 years after their graduation. This Big Chill–like gathering stirs old passions and feuds, some of which have been festering since the death of a charismatic schoolmate at a high school party. As usual, Shreve puts her characters through the emotional wringer before she sets them out to dry.

All He Ever Wanted
This is the story of a man whose obsession with a young woman begins when he meets her fleetingly -- as he helps her escape from a fire in a restaurant -- and culminates in a marriage doomed by secrets and betrayal. Written with the intelligence and grace that are Anita Shreve's hallmarks, this gripping tale is peopled by unforgettable characters as real as the emotions that bring them together.

Light on Snow
The events of a December afternoon, during which a father and his daughter find an abandoned infant in the snow, will forever alter the 11-year-old girl's understanding of the world and the adults who inhabit it: a father who has taken great pains to remove himself from society in order to put an unthinkable tragedy behind him; a young woman who must live with the consequences of the terrible choices she has made; and a detective whose cleverness is exceeded only by his sense of justice.

The Weight of Water
On a small island off the New Hampshire coast in 1873, two women were brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. A third woman survived the attack, hiding in a sea cave until dawn. More than a century later, a photographer, Jean, comes to the island to shoot a photo-essay about the legendary crime. Immersing herself in accounts of the lives of the fishermen's wives who were its victims, she becomes obsessed with the barrenness of these women's days, and brings her to the verge of actions she never dreamed herself capable of.

The Pilot's Wife
With one late-night knock on her door, Kathryn Lyons's worst fears as a pilot's wife come true: Her husband, Jack, has died in a mid-air explosion off the coast of Ireland. Later, a phone number found among Jack's papers leads Kathryn to London and the unfathomable truth about her husband's secret other life. A second wife and two young children are just the beginning of what Jack was hiding in England. This was an Oprah book club selection.

Fortune's Rocks
Olympia Biddeford is the only child of a prominent Boston couple. Her summer at the family's vacation home in Fortune's Rocks is transformed by the arrival of a doctor, whose new book about mill-town laborers has caused a sensation. Olympia is captivated by the doctor -- a married man, a father, and nearly three times her age. When they come together in an unthinkable, hopelessly passionate affair, Olympia is cast out of the world she knows. This is the story of her determination to reinvent her broken life.

Eden Close
In Shreve's debut, Andrew returns to his hometown for his mother's funeral, but is drawn into the tragic legacy of the beautiful girl next door, Eden Close. Seventeen years prior, Andrewhad been awakened by gunshots and piercing screams from the next farm, he finds that Mr. Close had been killed and Eden, blinded. Now, he begins to uncover the grisly story of that night. And as the truth about Eden's past comes to light, so too does Andrew's strange and binding attachment to her reveal itself.

Sea Glass
Each morning, Honora collects sea glass washed up on the shore in front of the house they rent at the beach, each piece carrying a different story in its muted hues. Her husband finds a way to buy the house, but then the economy takes a sickening plunge, and as financial pressures mount, Honora begins to see how little she knows this man she has married -- and to realize just how threatening the world outside her front door can be.

Strange Fits of Passion
Everyone believes that Maureen and Harrold English, two successful New York City journalists, have a happy, stable marriage. It's the early '70s and no one discusses or even suspects domestic abuse. But after Maureen suffers another brutal beating, she flees New York with her infant daughter and seeks refuge in a small coastal town in Maine. The weeks pass slowly, and just as Maureen begins to heal physically and emotionally, Harrold finds her, bringing the story to a violent, unforgettable end.

Where or When
What would you do if out of the blue, you received a letter from your first love? Siân Richards sees no reason why she can't write back to Charles Callahan. After all, it's been thirty years and they are both married with families. But when they decide to meet again, an innocent correspondence becomes a dangerous intimacy. Swept up in the past and consumed by an obsessive love, Charles and Siân risk everything to be together.

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