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Book Explorers Club: Let's get started

Have you made a literary discovery lately that you couldn't wait to tell others about? Has someone tipped you off about a book you'd never heard of and then couldn't put down? You've come to the right place. Book Explorers Club with the Literary Ventures Fund is an ongoing, spirited conversation about discovering great reads and the magic that occurs when you come across these hidden gems. We want to hear from you and all parts of the book community. Readers, authors, publishers, booksellers, editors -- anyone who comes across a treasure and roots for that book to get to the top of the heap. The Book Explorers Club is part salon, part talk-show. We'll be inviting authors and industry "guests" from time to time to get their perspectives from their corner of the industry on publishing today.
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Re: Book Explorers Club: Let's get started

yes that is basicly what happened HawkSong is really good all should read it...
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