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Once Upon A Day by Lisa Tucker

I'd really like to hear your opinion on this book if you've read it.  I found that I enjoyed the discovery of the world for the sheltered people in the book.  Some days I wonder if I myself am living a sheltered life...  not quite like them but in my reading habits I tend to miss out on some things.  What do you think possessed the author to write a story like this?  Can you imagine having this happen to you?  I'm just amazed that this truly does happen in the world and wonder what would happen if that was truly my life.  What would your reactions be?
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Re: Once Upon A Day by Lisa Tucker

I read this book awhile back 2006 i think.I remember really loving the premise of the story on how one day in your life can shape the rest of your life.It was different than anyhitng i had read so far i believe it was my top 5 favorite reads of that year.