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Hi Everyone,

I'll be moderating the discussion of Bridge of Sighs this month.

If you've never read Richard Russo, you are in for a treat! His writing flows off the page -- next thing you know, you've read several chapters -- and his characters are so natural and real ... I get an instant movie in my head when I'm reading Russo. (It's no coincidence that his books translate so well to film...)

If you're interested, check out what the B&N Review had to say about Bridge of Sighs. (There don't seem to be any spoilers, so read away!)

In the meantime, go ahead and introduce yourself and offer your first impressions of the book.

Can't wait to get started!

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NY Times Sunday Book Review of BRIDGE OF SIGHS

Here is a fine review of the book from last Sunday (11-0407) NY Times Book Review.
It does contain some spoilers, so beware.

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Re: Welcome!

The book is fantastic!! The way Russo weaves a gentle tapestry of small town tales is brilliant! I am telling everyone I know to read it. I sound like a commercial! But, I mean every word. I am so glad there is a message board for the book. I am looking forward to participating and reading all of the entries.

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