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Silas Marner Final Post

After reading this book I have a new outlook on classical literature. Having not read much of it and not being a big fan of what I had read, I was not excited about reading this book. I was amazed though at the techniques she used to keep the readers attention. She seemed to just skip form plot to plot in the first few chapters but then brought it all together in the last five chapters. The twists and hardships that were faced b y Eppie, Silas, Godfrey, and Dunsly made the book hard to put down when it all came together. I was also amazed on how George Elliiot was trying to express her thoughts on women in this book. She made points to single out things that she disagreed with in the life and roles of women. This was brilliant, it was a way to put a different thought into a womens head without being reprimanded for it. Overall I thought the book was great, and I now understand why it is noted as one of the best novels of all time.
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