Thanks to Carol Higgins Clark for joining our discussion. Although the author has concluded her time with us for now, please feel free to continue your conversation about Santa Cruise through the end of the month -- and be sure to check out our discussions coming in January and beyond.
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Kudos to our author, Carol, and many thanks!

Today, let's take some time to thank Carol for being so generous with her time and thoughts this month. Despite the bustle of this holiday season, Carol, you were right in here every day, giving us your all. We really admire your books and your spirit. May you have a very Merry Christmas! And, here's to 2007--and more great books from you and your mother. What a team!
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All the best to you Carol, and many thanks!

Thank you indeed, Carol! You certainly have, as Clare said, 'given us your all'. I can't even imagine how busy you must be right now - and then to come here and freely participate in this new and exciting debut of the B&N Club. Much applause and success to you and your mother on this, and many future, collaborations!

All best wishes to you and your family - for now and always,
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Re: All the best to you Carol, and many thanks!

Thanks Carol for your time and effort on these book clubs. I so enjoy the books discussed with the authors. And you give us so much of your valuable time. Thanks!
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