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More Great Reads from the Author

Carol Higgins Clark has written nine Regan Reilly mysteries, and co-authored four holiday novels with her mother, Mary Higgins Clark.

Book Cover Image: Title: The Christmas Thief, Author: Carol Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins Clark Buy It The Christmas Thief
The third holiday mystery Carol wrote with her mother is now out in paperback. Scam artist Packy Noonan has just been released from prison. He heads to Stowe, Vermont, to retrieve a flask of diamonds worth eighty million dollars that he'd hidden in a tree twelve years earlier, before his arrest. When he gets to Stowe he discovers that the tree the flask is hidden in has been chosen as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree! Regan and Alvirah are in Stowe for a skiing weekend with their families. Alvirah's friend Opal is also with them. She is one of Packy's victims, and when she goes missing, Regan and Alvirah get on the case.

Book Cover Image: Title: Hitched, Author: Carol Higgins Clark Buy It Hitched
Carol's latest solo mystery was published in April 2006. Regan, about to get married, goes to pick up her wedding gown, only to find the designers bound and gagged, and her dress stolen. Three other gowns have also been stolen and another was left shredded on the floor. Naturally, Regan gets on the trail of the wedding gown thieves.

Book Cover Image: Title: Burned, Author: Carol Higgins Clark Buy It Burned
Our favorite P.I. goes on a girls' weekend to Hawaii before her wedding day but when a body washes ashore at the resort where she is staying, the hard-working Regan can't help but get involved.

Book Cover Image: Title: Popped, Author: Carol Higgins Clark Buy It Popped
Regan finds herself helping a friend who is filming a reality show in Las Vegas that he is sure is being sabatoged. That adventure culminates in a scene high in the sky at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Book Cover Image: Title: Jinxed, Author: Carol Higgins Clark Buy It Jinxed
A young actress, Whitney Weldon, has taken off for a weekend alone when her family discovers that they're invited to a relative's wedding which will take place in a couple of days. They secretly find out that if they all show up, they'll be given two million dollars each. Frantic to find Whitney, they hire Regan to help.

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