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Navigating the Conversation--Some Pointers

We've had some people raising the question of how to most easily navigate lengthy conversation threads -- and how to quickly view new messages without wading through the old ones.
First, try the Linear View -- this is the default setting for our community. We've made the default setting “Chronological.” This means that all new replies will go to the end of the Linear list. This can be changed to suit you, but it works well for seeing where there are new messages, and jumping right to them, especially if you keep these three points in mind:
1. To get right to new messages, use this method: From the main page for any book club, you’ll see columns labeled “Thread,” “Replies,” and “New.” Click on the number in the “New” column, and you’ll go straight to the new posts within that thread.
You'll see that the first unread post has a slightly darker background, to help call it out visually. Also, all of the unread messages show "NEW" in the header bar/subject. This will disappear once you've read the messages and logged out.

2. To make most of this feature, we recommend that you click the “Quote Post” button when you’re responding to a specific comment from another user. That’s the best way to preserve the “flow” of conversation while also keeping the new messages together.

3. It's also helpful to change the subject line to something specific when posting, instead of leaving the automatically filled in "Re: (Previous Post Title)"

4. Finally, don't be afraid to open a new topic at the top level of the discussion -- but check first to see if there's an active discussion thread your comment might work best in.

5. And keep in mind the "Tips and Tricks" blog if you want more pointers about how to use the boards:

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