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Welcome from your moderator

Welcome to our reading group for Santa Cruise. It’s a “yuletide” mystery, perfect for those Calgon-take-me-away moments we all have during the holidays. So, whenever, you need a quick getaway, grab this book and hit the tub. But, don’t try to join a BN discussion while in there—water and electronics don’t mix.

For those of you new to the amazing writer duo of Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, you are in for a treat. As their many devoted readers will attest, their mysteries are fun, fast-paced, and chock full of plot twists and turns. Mary Higgins Clark has over 35 published books (and probably more waiting in the wings). Carol Higgins Clark, who went from typing her mother’s manuscripts to writing her own, has almost a dozen books under her belt. What a prolific team! And, here’s a good quote from a reviewer, which sums up their writing styles: "Mary Higgins Clark goes for the jugular; Carol Higgins Clark goes for the funny bone."

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