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Re: December 15-19: Wally Lamb

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After waiting so many years for another Lamb novel, I have to admit that I struggled tremendously with this one. Initially, I was hooked and quite affected. The Columbine tragedy, as written in THIFB, hit me hard, as I am a teacher who works with a number of troubled teens. I could not help but change my attitude toward my students after a night of reading the detailed accounts of the Columbine event.


As the story went on, however, I grew frustrated. I felt like I was reading a number of novels at one time (which I normally do anyway), but I struggled to piece together the point of the sidetracks. Although the ending was a nice tie-up, I still felt like I had never truly connected to any of the characters, partially because I was having a hard time keeping up with all of them and their stories at times. 


I did not dislike the book, but it is certainly not my favorite of the three. I am hoping the next novel proves more promising for my taste. 

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Re: December 15-19: Wally Lamb

There appear to be quite a few posts on this thread, so excuse me if I am repeating. I recently finished the well-regarded book Columbine: A True Crime Story, a victim, the killers and the nation's search for answers by Jeff Kass. He is a longtime newspaper reporter and the book is a work of investigative journalism/nonfiction. My question, if Mr. Lamb is still taking them, is has he read the book and if so, what is his take on it? The Kass book came out around the ten-year anniversary, so after The Hour I First Believed.