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Re: Welcome to Center Stage/About Center Stage

TiggerBear wrote:



Well now I could find the announcements for Center Stage 6 weeks in advance, not always, but at least the upcoming month ahead.


I saw it problem mainly with the levels of author participation. Some did great, some just blew off thanks for reading me caveats.


Me personally I always checked it out. Found it a good look into authors personalities.Though no I didn't always comment, it was often good reading.


And for those who just did understand what was going on. Well I've been noticing a general "no idea what's going on" newbie cluster and a lack of introduction for them. The set up for a new user, well it sucks. A total lack of hey here's how to start, navigate, general behavior rules guidelines. That should be handed to a new user before they even get to browse. (shrug)



I totally agree.