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A Final Thank You to all Book Club Members!

Dear readers,

I am so grateful for the responses to this book club. There were so many thoughtful comments and so many intelligent questions. I only wish I could have responded to all of them. As I wrote in the post "One Dog at a Time," those of us who want to help dogs (and their humans) sometimes have to take a step back and surrender to the fact that we can't help everyone all at once. I believe my mission is to educate people, and I'm grateful for the technologies - like this message board - that make it possible to reach people in new ways.

I'm overjoyed by how positively people are responding to BE THE PACK LEADER. The basic concept of CESAR'S WAY was, "Your dog is not a human," and introducing people to dog psychology. The basic concept of BE THE PACK LEADER is "It's not your dog, it's you." That is often a very difficult thing for people to accept. When I work directly with people, I want to help them understand this without making them wrong. My clients are not people who don't love their dogs - quite the opposite. Across the board, they want the best for their dogs. Those who succeed in "transforming their dogs...and Their lives" (as our title says) are those who are brave enough to look in the mirror - which is, more often than not right in front of them - in their dogs' behaviors. The best and happiest dog owners I know have let go of a selfish kind of love and embraced the idea of doing what is truly best for the whole pack. They also have the best behaved and happiest dogs.

Another thing I am grateful for after reading the messages on this board is seeing how observant you all are, and how much you all are open to learning from your dogs. Dogs are my teachers. Every new case I go out on teaches me something new. I don't believe there is any one simple answer to behavior problems - every dog is different, and every time I rehabilitate a dog, I tailor the approach to the individual dog and its human. Of course, I always start with the basics - exercise, discipline, then affection - but often I learn new methods and develop new strategies from the dogs themselves.

For example, on Season 4 of Dog Whisperer, you will be seeing a lot of my pit bull, Daddy. Daddy is 13 years old and has accumulated a lot of wisdom in his happy life. He and I are also perfectly in tune, so he trusts that I will always protect and do what's best for him. That way, I can bring him around unbalanced dogs and watch how he handles the situation. Daddy always does the right thing, and sometimes can unlock a door that I, as a human, can't. There is no more powerful assistant to have in helping dogs find balance than an already balanced dog (or a pack of them!). So if you begin by creating balance for that first dog in your life, you will find adding more dogs to your pack becomes easier. In reading your posts, I see that many of you have already learned to watch your dogs and learn from the profound but silent communications they are constantly sharing with you.

I learn from other human, too. When you create balance in your life, there is a ripple effect to all the people and animals around you. Let me give you another example from the Dog Whisperer show. Last season, we did an episode with a 17 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy, Maureen Lovetro, who wanted to teach Chloe, a Cocker Spaniel that was a gift from her grandfather, how to be her service dog. I immediately saw that she had a better choice for a service dog right in front of her - the family's other Cocker Spaniel, Sammy. Maureen uses a walker, but she is not handicapped. She has an amazing mind and spirit and she picked up on the concept of leadership right away. Recently the Dog Whisperer crew went back to follow up with her. Maureen has not only transformed her own life by becoming a pack leader, she has embarked on a Girl Scout Gold Star project in which she teaches other kids with disabilities how to walk dogs. Because Sammy is now calm-submissive, Maureen is able to use Sammy the same way I use Daddy. She has also invented two special leashes for disabled people, to help them walk dogs. Maureen is my hero. It's like, by helping her, I dropped a small pebble in a pond and now Maureen herself has become a wave reaching an ocean, changing the lives of so many other people. Through BE THE PACK LEADER, I hope that wave can continue with each person who reads the book.

To conclude, I am extremely grateful to all readers, and hope my book inspires you to go out and create your own wave of transformation...starting with yourself, then your dog...and then, together, we can change the world.


Cesar Millan

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Re: A Final Thank You to all Book Club Members!


I know that this messageboard has been concluded, but I'll add my thoughts just in case you check back. Before I saw your show I thought "dog psychology" was ridiculous, and now I can see that the ridiculous thing is not try to understand the animal you have chosen to adopt. I wanted to thank you, Cesar, for being out there. You offer something unique to the world, and you have given my son another great reason to be proud of his heritage and to find a love of dogs. Congratulations on your success! I wish you and your family all the best!
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