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A Welcome from the Author

After the success of Cesar’s Way, I wanted to be sure to follow up with a book that took my message of balance and calm-assertive leadership to the next level. Most people bring dogs into their lives to fulfill something that’s missing in themselves -- for company, to replace a child that’s left the nest, and of course, for unconditional love. Dogs do provide those things for us. Dogs add so much to our lives and they ask very little of us in return.

But it is my belief that we owe them more than simply food and water and a place to sleep. The reason we owe it to our dogs to be their calm-assertive Pack Leaders is not because I believe humans are “better” than dogs, or smarter. It is simply because we are bringing dogs into our world, not the other way around. We are bringing dogs into a modern society with things they can’t possibly negotiate on their own, such as cars, electrical wires, canned food, etc. They need our leadership -- and they need it consistently. Leadership doesn’t mean “bossiness” -- it means taking responsibility. It means making a commitment. In a dog pack, leadership is solid and consistent, so the dogs in the pack are balanced, knowing they live in a safe, orderly society. In too many modern human households, dogs do not feel secure or safe because they don’t trust their leaders to be consistent. In many cases, they don’t even view their owners as leaders. This causes stress in their lives because dogs instinctively understand that they aren’t really equipped to run the show in a human-dominated world.

I believe that dogs are beautiful, sacred beings and that when we bring them into our lives, we owe them fulfillment. That means exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. That’s all they ask from us. When we supply them with these things, we not only become better dog owners, we become better human beings. Doing the right thing for our dogs takes us out of ourselves and makes us calmer, more secure and more balanced. In Be the Pack Leader, I hope readers take away more than just information on how to be better dog owners. I hope they learn how to become more balanced, calm-assertive people as well.

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Re: A Welcome from the Author

I feel the same way but what I also believe is dogs have their own personality (just like people do)and not every dog and human go together!
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Re: A Welcome from the Author


I know this board has been concluded, but I have just discovered it and, just in case you stop in, I want to say thank you sooo much!!

My mom and I have been followers ever since we got our second dog, Cassie. First she was a real handful, but we watched your show and read your book, and now she's as mellow as can be! THANK YOU CESAR!

I know you probably won't read this...but I felt like I should post it just in case. :smileyvery-happy:

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