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About the Book & Author

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Cesar Millan and Be the Pack Leader

Author Photo: Cesar MillanFilled with practical tips and techniques as well as real-life success stories from Cesar Millan's clients (including the Grogan family, owners of Marley from (Marley & Me) and his popular television show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Be the Pack Leader helps you understand and read your dog's energy as well as your own so that you can move beyond just correcting behavioral issues and take your connection with your dog to the next level.

The principles of calm-assertive energy will help you become a better pack leader in every area of your life, improving your relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

In addition, Cesar addresses several important issues for the first time, including what you need to know about the major dog behavior tools available and the difference between "personality" and "instability."

Ultimately, what emerges from Be the Pack Leader are both happier dogs and happier, more centered owners.

About Cesar Millan: Cesar Millan is the star of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan on National Geographic Channel. In 2005, the National Humane Society Genesis Award Committee presented him with a Special Commendation for his work in rehabilitating sheltered animals. Cesar has more than 20 years of experience with canines. His unique talent with dogs first developed on his grandfather's farm in Mexico. Now, at his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, he receives as many as 100 calls a week from owners desperate for help. By the time people call Cesar, they are confronting a crisis with their beloved pets. He is their emergency responder, and often the last resort for pets that might otherwise be put down or given away.

Cesar's methodology developed from his keen understanding of canine pack behavior. Unique to Cesar's approach is his "Power of the Pack" method. Incredibly, his own pack of up to 50 dogs, which includes rottweilers, pit bulls and German shepherds, are able to live together harmoniously. Most dog trainers relate to one animal at a time, but Cesar often uses the pack itself-the natural social unit for canines-to rehabilitate a wayward dog.

Cesar was born in Culiacan, Mexico, during a hurricane that took the roof off the family's house. He spent much of his youth at his grandfather's ranch, growing up with a pack of dogs that were his closest friends. It was his grandfather who taught him the greatest lesson that he still lives by today: "Never work against Mother Nature." Cesar lives in Southern California with his family-his wife, Illusion, and two sons, Cesar Andre, 12 and Calvin Christian, 8-all of whom also help him in his work.

About Melissa Jo Peltier: Melissa Jo Peltier, an executive producer and writer of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, has been honored for her film and television writing and directing with an Emmy and more than fifty other awards. She lives in Los Angeles and Nyack, New York.

Discover all titles and editions from Cesar Millan.

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Re: About the Book & Author

I have had the pleasure of reading both of Mr. Millan's books. All I can say is I am waiting for his next to come out. He has a wealth of insight and so much to share and I am one person who is willing to read and learn from him always.
God Bless
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