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General Discussion: Pets

I would love to hear your thoughts about your pets - why did you choose the pets you have? What do they bring to your life?

Anything goes here folks: dogs, cats, birds, fish... anyone have any exotic pets?
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Re: General Discussion: Pets

I have two GSDs. They are from same litter. I have them since 3 months of age. My husband always had GSDs, I have always had smaller dogs. So I agreed to get our puppies and dedicated myself to proper training of them. I read Barrons, Cesar's two books, Monks of New Skeet and other books. I wanted to know all I could ( knowlege gives confidence) and I hired a trainer to give me a jump start. I am fortunate I am home so I was able to give 24/7 to them and was there to guide and nip things in the bud. Having two powerful dogs I just wanted make sure i did things in proper manner. We got them because I am alone here at night , it is a semi rural area we have an acre of land and I wanted company at night when my husband went to work. He wanted me to have protection. The biggest challenge was getting them used to me being out ( without anxiety issues). I worked on it slowly and succeeded, it is nice to have two puppies loose enjoying freedom of house when I am gone to come back to a house intact no damage and happy dogs. I can't complain on issues for I have none. We are growing together and it is a most rewarding relationship. I enjoy watching them, thier ways with eachother, thier ways out in yard and it is such a learning experience. I know thier body language and predict what is to come and just am amazed at the beauty of it all. They will be 10 months old come Nov 12th, Pepper ( the male) stands 31 inches now from floor to top of shoulder, Sugar is a lil smaller. Of course they are "fixed" they are from same litter and puppies are out of question. But even if they weren't from same litter I would have had them both fixed because I am not one who could give puppies away. I decided to get puppies this time around because all the dogs I have had in my lifetime other than one was a resuce dog and I wanted this time being the breed I had chose to start from scratch and guide them into good habits instead of having to break old bad habits brought on by poor handling.
When making the choice of getting these dogs my husband and I sat down and agreed what would come first. We are home bodies, not ones to travel the world so we knew this was agreeable with our life style. We made a commitment and look forward to living up to it.
I am a retired Driving Instructor and I feel my skills training Humans has helped me with training my dogs. Calm assertiveness, focus, keeping on tract, calm correction and guidance. I just love dogs, to me there is no other animal that returns the love and has the faith and trust then they do.
My children all grown now have had pets from fish to snakes ( ugh) I am not into snakes but I felt my fear of them should not hinder my childrens wanting them, ( after a year i convinced my daughter to let her garden snakes go into yard to live the natural life God intended). ; ) Hamsters that lived many years, dogs ( no cats, allergies here) it was nice that my children learned responsiblity caring for thier pets. My Trainer ( that trained me) helped give me confidence. The knowlege I aquired by reading gave me strength and you take a little from here and there that works best to suit the situtation you are dealing with. A dog needs to have trust to follow. Pets need time, in today's world people hardly have time for themseleves , thier children, and can not devote the time needed to raise pets in proper manner. I have my view on Pet Crates , and other things. Ahhhhhh this I guess will be in other discussions. I have gone off on a tangent here. but it is my love of dogs that tends to have me do so.
God Bless
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