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Re: Introduce Yourself

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I have 2 Japanese Akitas (2 years old and 8 months old). They are brothers but from different litters. The older dog has a more dominant personality and the younger dog we choose given his follower type personality. They get along great and my husband and I could not be happier. While both dogs seem to mimic our personalities they also are their own beings and try their best to be the pack lead but most of the time fail because they just like to please us and know that we (well my husband more than I) is the lead. For the most part we don't have many issues with our dogs since we have been diligent in their training and not letting them take over our household. Like many people out there, our only concern is that our dogs like to be together and of course the older dog protects and watches over the puppy. Can anyone provide suggestions for limiting this behavior? While I like that they look out for each other, I have noticed at the dog part that the puppy gets nervous if he can't see his older brother which limits the puppy's play time with other dogs since he is always chasing his older brother.

I have to admit that I was a skeptic of the show in the beginning but I have really come to relate to behaviors and actions shown. We are advid watchers and even watch with our dogs! I am also really enjoying the book and I have to say that I think my dogs like the consistency and calmness that my husband and I have with them. I guess maybe it is true that if people are happy dogs are happy.

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Re: Introduce Yourself

I am a huge fan of Cesar's show. It has really helped me this year in particular. I lost my 13 year old mini dachshund in January and was devastated. Then I made the mistake of letting my family rush me into a puppy b/c they wanted me to "move on". Cesar is right when he says that is a mistake. I was in no mood to be a pack leader and my new little doxie (Wrigley) figured that out quickly and took the job. When I finally started feeling better and after watching many episodes that dealt specifically with some of the problems that I was having, I took control of the situation and things are improving. The only problem left is that Wrigley's energy level is really high, even now that he is a year old. I posted a question on here as to whether or not a second dog might help. I am hoping to hear other similar stories and whether they were successful or not.

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Hi, I'm a guy from Albuquerque, NM. I wish I had understood the pack behavior principles Cesar illustrates when our two dogs were living together, the older one beating up the younger mercilessly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode of South Park in which Cesar's techniques calmed the rowdy Eric Cartman into submission! It helped me realize a few things about a passive-aggressive friend of mine who was never a friend to me. I'm no longer with him, because he was driving me crazy -- literally!
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Re: Introduce Yourself


For a short period of time I was able to watch his show. What a treat! I have adopted a stray… The best dog ever. At least from my point of view. She is a mut, no… not exactly, I think the correct description is ‘Maine Black Dog’, possibly a breed.

For Caesar; his rules of thumb work like magic. The tactics are as clear to my dog as words are to a busy business man. The things presented in his show are life lessons, but when applied to your pet, they work! His show makes it very clear that an owner is not being kind when he/she lets the dog walk all over him/her. In fact he is doing the dog an injustice. He shows that the best dog trainers are people with self confidence. However, many people with low self confidence ‘purchase’ a dog with the idea that they are purchasing ‘love’. Letting the dog sit on the couch, eat off of human plates, demand when it is time to play; all of these things happen when the owner wants the dog(anything) to love them. When in fact it is evident that “I must be cruel only to be kind, thus bad begins and worse remains behind.

When we, as humans have a strong sense of self confidence, and a strong back bone, we guide the dog in directions that we like. And both the dog and the master enjoys every step of the way. When we look for the dog’s gratification for allowing it to sit on the bed or couch, we are planting the seeds of self destruction. His shows display this over and over. I love it.
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