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Introductory Discussion: Your Dog Is Your Mirror

In Chapter One, Millan describes one of his clients, “the tycoon,” and how his life changed when he changed his behavior toward his dogs. In what way were the dogs “mirroring” his own behavior? In what ways might your own dogs be mirroring your behavior?
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Re: Introductory Discussion: Your Dog Is Your Mirror

Well the only way I can think the dog's mirrored the Tycoon's behavior was since the tycoon clearly favored one dog that dog try to dominate the other. I remember the tycoon was surprised to find out it was his favorite dog that was the troublemaker. I think his dog mirrored him with being controlling and intolerant. I think to be honest a better example of mirroring was the couple later on in the book where the husband's working in gagarge and using the air compressor was thought to be problem when it was the wife's annoyance of his spending so much time in there that was the real issue of causing thier dog's plight.

To be honest the only mirror I have here with my dogs is they are very happy and have great demeanors. I have no complaints and everyone who has come to my home thinks my dog's are wonderful. Funny too , they way they play with eachother just makes people laugh.
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