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Lulu pulls a loo-loo:She's wetting the floor and furniture by choice.

I have 2 boston terriers,litter-mates,male and female, both 8 years old.
My female, Lulu releases herself on the living room and den floors, always marking near antique and quality furniture. She does this only when I leave them for a few hours (about 6). I always insure they go outside prior to my leaving and upon returning. They have daily walks as well. Sometimes she does it in the middle of the night too. Recently we've kept her sequestered at nite in our room where she sleeps and there have been no accidents. I think she is pissed off at us but any correction she ignores. She just does it again when she feels I am abandoning her. We never had problems with her before.She did have cancer treatment last year but this started about quite some time after it. What do you suggest>
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Re: Lulu pulls a loo-loo:She's wetting the floor and furniture by choice.

I would have to assume you took LuLu to your Vet to rule out this wetting is not caused by her past Cancer treament and nothing new has developed. maybe she is suffering from separation anxiety . Thats what it sounds like. She does this only when your separated at nightime or when you go out. Some dogs suffer from this anxiety and it manifests into different things, like soiling in home, or chewing things etc. I don't know if bringing her into room is a good idea. if this is separation anxiety your only bringing her in closer making the times you have to leave her worse. Have you tried giving a marrow bone to her and her litter mate to chew on before going out, or a kong, something that would channel interest and expend energy on. Time flys when they are enjoying chewing on a marrow bone or an Kong, they are focused on it and forget all else unless distracted.
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