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Page 66

Hello Cesar,

After reading page 66 of your new book... I found the answer to my own questions.
Since having raised 5 wolf/malamutes over the last 17 yrs, I've not experienced any
issues with them because of their breed, the issue seemed to be that they were brothers. Dog trainers were telling me that I made a big mistake by taking on two and in addition to them being wolf/mixes, I could have to give one of them up as they matured. I don't know how much wolf is in them. I saw the parents, father had a great calmness and friendliness about him. He helped clean the pups. The mother was very skiddish and would not come to us.
My first two dogs(not brothers) both died at 10 & 12 yrs of age, due to illnesses. The 3rd dog died at age of 5yrs due to a freak car accident. Raising this breed has never been
a status thing, my husband & I were just looking for our first dog as a couple 17 yrs ago and found one our local newspaper. Our first dog Paco was a great dog... and that's what the attraction has always been.
Have you ever had a client with this type of mix or had one at your Center?
Should I try to contact Clint Rowe if that is possible?
I have no issues at this time with my dogs. Thanks to your methods, I practice leadership daily in addition to my faith in GOD, I am committed to keep them both happy and balanced.
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