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Pit Bulls


I have not read your book yet, I purchased a copy for my Brother-in-law that took in a rescued pit bull. He told me the book has been very helpful. I have watched your shows many times and find it amazing what you do. Since I live in a small city, I don't have any dogs, but do have cats. I do have a question for you though. Our neighborhood has been having drug dealers move in. Alot of times, after dark, they start walking through the neighborhood with their pit bulls on leashes. Sometimes these dogs are practically dragging the walker behind. Its very intimidating to be outside when they come by. Is there anything I should do as to not provoke these dogs, or what is the best coarse of action to take if they let the dog loose? I hate to think badly about this breed of dog because my brother-in-law has one and it is OVERLY friendly; but I also don't want to be completely stupid incase something was to happen and the dog wasn't friendly. Am I just a goner?

Thanks for any advise you can give me on this.
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Re: Pit Bulls

This is a great question. It's a difficult judgement call to make, but I would suppose that, unless you're threatening the owner, he wouldn't want to draw attention to himself and his business with the trouble that would ensue if he allowed his dog to attack you. This is of course, assuming that he has some control over the animal himself.

Still, what to do if one of those dogs are walking around loose without the owner?
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Re: Pit Bulls

I am not found of Pit Bulls myself and it is sad because it is the way the owners have raised them that is the real problem. I would think to be honest if you see one of these dogs walking loose without an owner or even loose with an owner ( If there are leash laws) I would inform the police. My fear of these animals is for children, they are smaller and seen by alot of these dogs as a threat. It is truly sad that these dogs have to have the reputation they do because of bad owners. I know in some states, you can't get home owners insurance if you own certain breeds and they are one. I hope people will realize someday raisng these dogs to fight for Sport is horrid and take a strong stand to put an end to this. No one should have to live, walk the streets in fear of these dogs or any dog. It is bad owners rasing these animals to be aggressive and it is sad.
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