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Red Zone GSD Update

Hi Ceasar,
I posted eariler about a GSD with EPI and temperment issues. I have further complicated the issue by allowing a 7 year old Newf into the home. Benny the Newf is essentially a rescue dog scheduled to enter Newf rescue next week if I can't get this pack organized. I would like to keep him as he origianly belonged to a friend of mine that was forced to re-house him. If I can keep him, she can at least see him.

It is an interesting phemonenon in this house! I will let Benny outside and loose in the house with the pack so long as Baldur is muzzled. For the most part the girls rough house, Benny lays on his blanket and Baldur watches the whole sceen. Looks like a calm pack getting along great. Then if Benny moves just the wrong way, Baldur attempts to attack him. My reation is to put him in a submissive position, basically laying on top of him with a hand on his neck till he calms down. Typically takes about five minutes till I see the surrender.

I realize this is going to take time, am I doing all I can do?

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Re: Red Zone GSD Update

Either you can control your dog or you can't. There is no I control most of the time.
Clearly you have no control over your male GSD. You pin your muzzled GSD male for 5 mins before he submits ? A Schutzhund trained dog obeys upon first command not "Hey".Any dog trained is to listen upon first command.

This dog has 2 bites on record, your afraid to take him out of your yard. I dont feel he is the problem, you are. Your not facing reality here. You do not have total control over him. As much as your treating his medical conditon has your vet offered a treatment for his emotional instability due to it, like a tranquilzer.

You say he has always been protective of you. Do you mean he has always put himself between you and other people and other dogs? if this is case he is not being protective of you he is being possevive of you he is dominating you by doing this saying " she is mine beat it" If you have allowed this you have given him clear message you are his property. Someone that is his property can not control him.

I think it is in the best interest of the dog you brought into your home for your friend to be placed in a home where there is no fear of its safety. If you have to worry about your GSD male getting out of your yard there is no way you can insure the safety of that dog in your home.

I am sure it is not healthy to keep a muzzle on a dog for the length of time you clearly have to keep it on to "control" him to insure the other dog's safety. This is causing him further frustration and not helping with the issues that already exist with him.

You seem like a caring person , but one who is thinking of her dogs as humans who will "come to thier senses".. This is a dog with medical issues resulting in demeanor issues that are being further complicated by your emotional issues of wanting to help a friend out.
God Bless
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