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Submissive Urination


We adopted a rescue dog last year. He is a Shiba Inu/Basenji mix (we think) and will be 2 yrs old in December. Ever since we have had him, he has had this problem. I understand that he is trying to be submissive to us, and yet we don't want to continue having him urinate in the house.

He will do this when you call him to "come" and also when you go to put on his leash (although that has gotten better since we have been giving him a treat when he sits to have his leash put on).

We live in the city and his only access to outside is for us to take him out for a walk.

Any suggestions on what we can to elevate this?
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Re: Submissive Urination

There are different things that set of submissive Urination. I have a friend who owns a Cocker Spaniel and whenever I came into house and saw the dog and greeted her by calling her name she urinated. I realized my high pitched "Helloooo Buffy " set her off. I lowered my voice remained more calm upon greeting her, squated down so I did not seem dominating and she stopped doing it.

Try squating down and use a calm sort of play voice when asking it to come , keep leash behind you when the dog comes for what it thinks will be petting time, pet it stroke it as you would normally then just slip the lease on it. Give lots of petting very calm talk. Maybe this will help..
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