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Taking a Page from the Book

Julius is obsessed with the characters of Pierre and Natasha from War and Peace, longing to be the sparkling Natasha but fearing he’s really more like the brooding, self-conscious Pierre. Bootie is constantly quoting Emerson. Which of the other characters has an emblematic book, and what role do those books play in their lives, in the way they see the world, and, of course, the way they see themselves? Is Julius anything like Pierre or Natasha? Does Bootie really live up to Emerson’s criterion of genius? At what points do they similarly misread other characters?

Do you have a character, a writer, a passage, that you have lived by? To what effect?
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Re: Taking a Page from the Book

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This is a great question, Rachel. I have not read War and Peace yet, but several subtle hints during the last few months keep pointing me in that direction, so much so that I purchased the new translation featured here on B&N last week and have made it a goal for 2008. Maybe I can answer the question then! LOL!

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Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.
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