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A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Stave II (Wk. of 12/7/09 - no spoilers, please)

Here's our thread for "Staves II."




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Re: A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Stave II (Wk. of 12/7/09 - no spoilers, please)

Stave II: I think that this visit of the spirit of Christmas past would have been enough to change Scrooge significantly.  A reflection on our life would do much to change us.  He had a change of heart with every visit.  I cried reading this section.  It shows the damage we all can do to one another.

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Re: A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Stave II (Wk. of 12/7/09 - no spoilers, please)

Yes, seeing the young Scrooge having feelings and the attachment between him and his sister is very touching!  And then in the Fezziwig scenes, we see that he was once happy and active.  How things have changed, and, as you say, I would think it likely that anybody seeing how much better their life used to be would want to do something to try and recapture that.

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Re: A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Stave II (Wk. of 12/7/09 - no spoilers, please)

I wanted to know what everyone else felt about the ending of Stave II.  Scrooge and the spirit leave the scene before Belle replies to her husband's observation of Scrooge.  How would have Belle responded to the cold observation of her former betrothed, "His partner lies upon the point of death, I hear; and there he sat alone. Quite alone in the world, I do believe."  I can just imagine Belle's sad lamentation of her lost love, how cold his heart had grown, how different from the man she had once loved.  Did she blame his outcome on herself, for leaving him instead of trying to change his heart?  Why doesn't Dickens show Scrooge the end of the conversation?  Would not my assumed kind reply have helped change Scrooge?