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Close reading book club in Seattle - but online also

This is a "close reading" book club. It will utilize a different format than most clubs. Most book clubs discuss a book in one session. There are a small number of "close reading" meetups around, in which members discuss a book over a large number of sessions. I am not starting the latter type of group, because I recognize that it will be hard to find time to attend, say, a dozen meetups about a single book. So the format of this meetup will be a COMBINATION of online message board discussion, perhaps chapter by chapter, with face-to-face meetups at several points. This should combine the best of both worlds - it should not require attending a large number of meetups, and at the same time it will allow for some of advantages of in person discussion compared to online only discussion. People from outside the Seattle area are welcome to join and participate in the online discussions without attending any of the meetings. The books we will discuss are open to member nominations.