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Madame Bovary and "The Story of an Hour"..Connection?

I am currently reading Madame Bovary and just came across the scene where Emma has just read Rodolphe's going away letter while she is sitting by the window in her attic. As I read this, I asked myself "have I read this before?" It seemed all too familiar. That's when it hit me: This little scene is nearly identical to the scene in Kate Chopin's short story, where the woman has just come to terms with her husband's death and is beginning to feel true freedom. Both are descriptions are sexual, however I felt that the Bovary scene was a little darker. Makes sense, since her lover has just left her and her world is collapsing; whereas, the woman in "The Story of an Hour" is getting a taste of freedom and the opportunity to be her own person.

Has anyone else noticed this? I am probably "the last one to the party" on this one, but I would like to see what everyone else thinks. :smileywink: