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"The Artist's Way" - Reading as a Group

Is anyone interested in reading "The Artist's Way" as a group to stimulate one's personal creativity? I know this is probably the wrong forum for this post, but I used to participate in the book clubs and forums a couple of years ago and miss the interaction.  The Writing forum for some reason won't let me create a new post (maybe it is closed to new posts) so I thought I would post this here.

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Re: "The Artist's Way" - Reading as a Group

Hi Katelyn!


I think they closed the creative writing forum. Place some comments up about "The Artist's Way" to see if you can catch a few responses. I always place a few books up for dicsussion- and I get some response. The last book I read was "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I will place somoe more up as well, for the fall. On the creative side, I'm using Pubit!- you can can place your creaitivity up, and actually get paid for it- which might be better for all involved!