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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

I am very pleased to hear that your teenage sons worked hard, earned their own money, selected to buy an ereader's tablet (instead of a video game system) and, hopefully, have enjoyed their purchases for the past two months. I hope they read a lot of books, did some online research, and enjoyed accessing some of their favorite media sites, too. As a teacher, I hope they are getting to use their Nookcolors for reading books for school, looking up vocabulary words using the on-board dictionary, pursuing additional knowledge via the link to Google when connected to wifi, as well. the rest of us, they have learned a life lesson as well in regards to how the consumer goods markets work. I hope that maybe their parent can take a deep breath, expel the vitriol, and teach them a better way to handle what life hands them and a more constructive way to react when others do not share their opinions. FWIW: I have not done my Christmas shopping yet, but plan to try to help out my local merchants instead of taking advantage of the cost undercutting going on this weekend at all the mega stores. Peace!
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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

"B&N screwed us Nook Color owners"


Please don't lump all NC owners in with you and your childish tantrum.

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners must be really PO'd that I just purchased 2 NC refurbs @ $119 each.

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

We have been so bereft without another Entitlement Rant...:smileysad:

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

I understand why you are upset. I almost bought the Nook Color myself. I was upset with B&N for not allowing my blackberry to download ebooks anymore and needed something to view my books with. I am an avid Amazon customer as well and wanted to do my homework. Luckily I found a website that had a bunch of rumors about new readers coming out or I would be in your shoes right now. So in your case you have a few choices:


1. Be happy with the perfectly wonderful Nook Color

2. Buy a SD card and root your Nook Color to unlock its potential

3. Use the Best Buy Trade-in Center, but they are only giving away $40 for Nook Colors at this time

4. Sell it on eBay and use the money to purchase new readers.


If you do buy the new Nook Tablet, get the B&N membership. It will even itself out with the $25 off and the purchase of the $25 membership, but it will allow you to receive discounts for almost everything else in the store and gives you free shipping for things bought on the website.

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

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LOL I did the exact same purchase (qty 2 refurbished Nook Color for $119.00 each) but on Nov 25th !!!


Great Buys from B & N !!!

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

I'm thinking that people who get so easily ticked off should probably NEVER purchase any electronic device or gadget!! Actually, the same would apply to appliances, clothing, cars........and the list goes on and on. Wow........even applies to groceries. Who hasn't bought a grocery item one day only to find it on special the next week?? It's called LIFE!!

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

I was once less than 48 hours outside the exchange timeframe for an iphone.  I pleaded my case at the AT&T store where I'd bought it, but they wouldn't make an exception.  It sucked but I got over it.  I had wanted it for my birthday so I got it then instead of waiting.  It may have lacked a few extra features, but it ended up being a perfectly good device for two years before the battery gave up the ghost.


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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

Take a DEEP breath then consider the lesson your sons can learn from this perfectly common and predictable event.  Life is not always fair, especially in the world of technology.  No matter how much you plan, change can always be the wrench in the works.  Disappointment is a momentary state unless you obsess about it.  It's sad that they missed out on saving the $50 or getting the new tablet for the same price but remember, the 1.4 software update coming out before the end of December will bring the NC performance up to the NT.  The only difference will be a bit of speed and memory.  Not a huge difference.  

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Re: B&N screwed us Nook Color owners

I agree with AVID-JT's post.  Use this as a learning experience.  One that teaches that no one owes you anything, that you make choices best when based upon knowledge at hand. Having something here and now also has value even if you could get it cheaper two months from now.


The point is, you can always wait for the next best anything or for a discount, but it may never come, or it may not even do what you want it to do, or it may not be better.  Or even if you do save a little bit of money, is it not perhaps so that the intervening time was of some value as well. There is of course value in patience and all, but you have to weigh these things and then make decisions.


Consider that in the 2 months of ownership, they may have had the opportunity to read more and do so more conveniently than before.  If in that time they had bought books that were still unread, they would now be wanting them as ebooks most likely.  Even books they have read they will want as ebooks.  In the time they have owned their NCs, they have not had to drive (or have a parent drive them) to a physical bookstore to browse and buy, which did count as a savings in gas and time.


One lesson also to be learned is something invaluable in terms of being a consumer of anything these days.  More and more things are being based upon the hottest segment in all purchases, electronics.  What they can take away from this is that no one will tell them when the best time to buy is and get it right 100% of the time.  With electronics it is a certainty that a newer version is planned even before the current version has been released.  If that product is approaching the 6 month period after it was first released, a newer version is almost a given within the next 6 months and the current version will see a drop in the price very soon most likely.  Take the Kindle Fire for example.  It's now being stated that a Fire2 is going to be released in the Summer of 2012 with a larger version set for Fall of 2012.  People really have to decide if they are willing to wait for what may be a rumor or buy now and have the use of the current version as it is. 


Products are just not having the lifespan that they used to have.  They are truly outdated before you buy them, so good luck in playing the waiting game.  I've bought too many things only to find I bought at the wrong time, but if I hadn't bought my camera when I did and waited for the new one to come out soon after, I'd have missed out on some great photos.


The most important thing to take away from this is that there is no way you will ever win by getting mad that a retailer put something on sale.  It happens.  They can't win either, because they must straddle the line between profitability and customer satisfaction.  Buy what you buy for what it can do now and at a price you think is acceptable now, not for what it might be later on.  Do this after googling and seeing if a newer version is on the way (to decide to wait for a possible discount or the new product).  If timing ends up benefitting you, consider that a plus.  If it doesn't then you must learn that that's an "oh well" moment and learn to live with it.  Sometimes, it evens out.  Sometimes, it doesn't. 

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