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BARNES AND NOBLE online service


I am long time customer of Barnes & Noble. I ordered a book on 01/28/2011 from the website which statement reads "Your expected ship date will be updated approximately 60 minutes after order placement". As of 02/09/11 the book was not shipped. I contacted the seller and was advised that they do not have a record of the order and I follow-up with Barnes & Noble customer service and was told by a represent name that the order was canceled by Barnes & Noble because they are having a problem with the seller Bunches of Books. However, Barnes & website did not show the order canceled. In the meantime, I have been checking my order status on the website daily and it list the order was in process: not shipped. I explain to the representative that I need the book ASAP. She advised that the order was canceled and she would mail me a form for a refund and that I would have to place my order elsewhere. I also called back and talk to another representative who advised the order was not canceled and to contact BQCS group for assistance. I was surprise that there was no apology for the inconvenience or any other suggestion offered so that I can receive my order.


Since Barnes & can't guarantee shipping they should not have it listed on their website. In addition, if an order is canceled by Barnes & Noble the customer should be notified and the website should be updated accordingly. Also, if Barnes & Noble is having problems with a seller which would cause the cancellation of an order then the seller should be removed.  Also, when a customer expresses an inconvenience and urgency for an order Barnes & Noble customer service should have procedure in place to resolve such matters.

Shame on Barnes & Noble and Bunches of Books.

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Re: BARNES AND NOBLE online service

TrinityOD, I can sympathize with you.  I have dealt with a third party seller on Amazon and it was a total nightmare.  It taught me a lesson to be cautious when dealing with third party sellers.


TrinityOD, yes, someone did get the wires crossed and there should have been better communication.  I do hope Barnes and Noble will eventually make amends with you.

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Re: BARNES AND NOBLE online service

Never do third party sellers. It always pulling teeth to get basic satisfaction I've found.

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Re: BARNES AND NOBLE online service


TiggerBear wrote:

Never do third party sellers. It always pulling teeth to get basic satisfaction I've found.


I agree.  I bought (or tried to buy) an out of print book from a 3rd party seller on some site, maybe Amazon, and I never got the book, never got the 3rd party to contact me and wound up having to dispute the charge with my cc company.


B&N doesn't seem to be handling your issue too well, although I give them a thumbs up for not continuing to do business with a 3rd party seller if there are problems.  But they should have notified you.

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Re: BARNES AND NOBLE online service

I'm not certain what you mean by "third party" sellers, but I do use the used book sellers associated with Amazon and have always been very, very well satisfied.  I have a friend who has had similar positive experiences. 

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