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Brand New YA Christian Fiction


Salvaged My name is Stefne Miller and I am the author of Salvaged; a new young adult Christian fiction novel. It currently has a 4.84 rating on Goodreads (19 ratings and 13 reviews) and a 5 star rating on Barnes and (18 ratings and 13 reviews). You can also read the first two chapters at my website which is: Please take a few moments to check out the site.


I am also on Facebook with a author page (Stefne Miller) and a book page (Salvaged). You can see additional reviews there.


Here is a blurb:


My body was being torn apart, and my stomach felt as if it exploded. The pain was excruciating, and I was aware that I was dying…


My vision was murky, but I could see her face. It was bloody, and her eyes were large and full of fear.

Her voice calmed. “Get out of the car, Attie.” Her words sounded crisp and clear.

I looked into the backseat in search of Melody and found her lying covered in blood in a twisted heap on the floor. I turned my attention back to my mother and out of the corner of my eye saw fire.

“Get out, Attie!” “Mom?”

Everything went dark.


Attie Reed should have died in the wreck that stole the lives of her mother and best friend. But her life was spared. Why? When Attie moves to Oklahoma to stay with the Bennetts for the summer, she hopes she has left her nightmares behind. But her battle is far from over, and Riley Bennett steps forward to help her fight the nighttime monsters. As the battle wears on, Riley begins fighting monsters of his own: his feelings for Attie. And Attie realizes she must begin to face the monsters of the night herself if she wants to conquer them for good.


Can Attie’s life be Salvaged?