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Do book trailers help sell books?

Please share your wisdom and experiences for novices like me.


Here's mine:


Would love some feedback!!
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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

I don't know about in general, but I don't even look at videos about books. A book is about reading, and I want to read your blurb so I can see how well you write. If it looks something like this:

u shud reed my book becuz its rly grate i put alot of time into it and i think its as good as harry pooter you dont want 2 miss this kthxbye

I'll pass. :smileytongue: On the other hand, a blurb like this one for Bubba and the Dead Woman will definitely make me interested:

Bubba is a good old boy with lots of problems. His ex-fiancee is deader than a door nail and everyone thinks he dun did it. His house is haunted. His mother is running an illegal gambling ring. His dog likes to bite people too much. And he's got to find out who really did it before the sheriff throws him in jail...again.

I spend a lot of time looking over Smashwords for titles of interest, and I'm stunned at how bad most of the the blurbs are. You're writers, people! Don't get lazy on the blurb. Typos, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and wrong words have no place there. Neither do rhetorical questions, past tense, a summary of the whole story, or explanations of the theme. Just tell me why the protag is interesting, and give me an idea of the problems the protag will be facing. And be specific!


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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

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Oh wow, I don't know if they do but I certainly do enjoy making them.  Maybe cuz I'm a screenwriter at heart and making trailers is my may of fulfilling my desire to see my work in film formats.  I mean I started selling my screenplays as eBooks when I got tired of Hollywood telling me there wasn't an audience for my work.  Thank God my readers and fans don't support Hollywood's opinion of my work.

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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

I like book trailers. And I have bought a few books because of them.

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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

In my opinion, any kind of advertising can help generate sales.

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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

Personally I would never consider watching a video about a book. Something about it seems odd to me. I read descriptions about books to determine if they sound good. It is a concept that doesn't work for me. Interesting covers also makes me look at a book.

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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

 In The Pool Really for me no I've never really seen trailers well not until I started reading THE HOUSE OF NIGHT series but other then that nope do not watch trailers for books. I mostly go by cover designs really.:smileyvery-happy: 

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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

Hard to say.

I never know where the purchases came from.

I wish B&N had a system in place to track visitors to your book's page, so that we could see where the heck these people are coming from.

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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

I don't ever watch book trailers, but hey, as someone above said, most advertising reaches someone.  Just because it isn't my thing doesn't mean there aren't tons of people who love them.



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Re: Do book trailers help sell books?

I am VERY new to Book Trailers but I have actually had a very enthusiastic response to mine and I have had my very best weeks stats wise... I'm sure that my book trailer is not the only reason, but anything that helps is welcome. My thoughts are that Book Trailers would probably appeal more to folks who love YouTube and spend a lot of time there and maybe having one there might snag a few of them to look into my book further.  Other than that I believe it's a really neat thing to be able to post on Facebook and my website...


This is a very interesting topic and I'm definitely going to be tracking my results.  So, far when I've asked readers it's been mixed. 


In Case anyone is curious here's mine.





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