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Re: Feel Cheated


PepaLou wrote:
How about you check out every board on here, and you'll see that almost every other post is about how someone feels "cheated", or "robbed" because the price dropped. 


How about I'm just tired of grown people being cry babies.



Try the boards that have discussions going on them!  Not every other post there!


Whining sometimes works, as a friend used to tell me when my son went through a particularly virulent stage of it.  She was a director of a major corporation and probably dealt with a lot of whining every day, from direct reports to customers to vendors to those to whom she reported.


Since her comments, the trick to me has been how to keep it in appropriate balance -- whether on the giving or the receiving end -- to get what is wanted in the first case, but to not be irritated to total distraction on the receiving end.

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Re: Feel Cheated

Peppermill wrote:

A rule in our house when our son was growing up was "don't make the other person wrong." 

A rule in our house was: “Don’t subject complete strangers on an anonymous internet forum to sanctimonious parenting tips.”

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Re: Feel Cheated

I have read all of these types of posts, and realize the frusteration. Yet i think people need to remember things change. Do we like it? NO. Heck i hate change more then then next person. BUT -- this is the same thing, just like when you buy a pair of shoes, a shirt, or anything. You buy it, then it goes on sale. Do you feel cheated? Yes. Is it common sense? Yes.


I am sure we all work in some sort of business, or have worked, where the same things happen. It's change, its going to happen, and matter how much we bicker, moan and complain, nothing will stop it.



Just need to take it with a grain of salt.


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Re: Feel Cheated


Parman wrote:

Just typical deceptive marketing.  I got the $259 modle with the $50 Gift Card.  Check the reciept.  They charged $209 for the Nook and $50 for the card.  So appaently I had to buy the gift catd so they could give it to me??? Of course I did not have the option of not getting the card.  Called CS to complaing about the cheaper model the day after Father's Day and am getting a $10 Gift Card for my trouble.  Even after I complained that they of course they knew they were coming out with the $149 model the day after Father's Day. So all of us that got the Father's Day "Special" got duped and did not have that option available to us.  That is why they say "Buyer Beware".  Too bad it applies to B&N too.

The receipt is written that way for accounting purposes and to activate the gift card.  If they don't put a value in for the gift card, then it is activated at the Point of Sale with no value.  If they put the Nook in at $259 and then the gift card at $50, the total would have been $309.  Then they'd have to put in a $50.00 discount, and folks would feel the same way, why not just give me the discount and keep the card. 


And it isn't necessarily so that the employees in the store know something is going on sale the next day.  I worked in retail at one time, and we would get in in the morning and look through the ad or flyer to see what was on sale that day.


I really don't see what everyone is so upset about.  Folks who were within the window, got the extra $10.  


I bought a car and they offered 3.99% financing, a month later, they offered 2.99% financing.  That's what happens, you make a choice to buy something. Sometime the price goes down soon thereafter.  It certainly isn't unique to B&N and indicative they are "ripping" people off.



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Re: Feel Cheated

We all made a choice to purchase a great device.  I too was a little irked at first about the price but I made a choice that this was something I had to have at that time.  I knew if I waited it would probably go down, everything always does, but I was so impressed with it I had to have it now.  I am not disappointed with my purchase I enjoy it every day and even though I paid $259 I wouldn't trade it for anything.  :smileyvery-happy: