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Forum Bullying

I have repeatedly observed this behavior on this forum.  You haven't noticed?  Let me offer some support. 


Certain members when their childish behavior is commented on change the thread heading to derogatory alternatives.  This type of ridicule just confirms their arrogance and childishness. 


In the past these members have driven odd but harmless members, planet green, comes to mind from the forum.  


These self appointed guardians evidently want a forum focused on technology and computer science with themselves as the arbiters of what makes a viewpoint accepyable. 


When they deem a post or post or poster's point of view unqualified they attack.  Posts are nit picked, responses are frequently out of context and distort the posters point. Much post quoting ensues. 


I feel the posters focus on arguing against other posters, argument, rather than focusing on presenting and supporting their own point of view. I missed the part where this was declared a debate forum. 


I can speculate why they do this, my own educational background supplies some possibilities.  That is not the point of this post.  This forum is open to purchasers of BN's products, support, discussion does not have educational, employment or age requirements.  


I feel that it is time that these individuals begin showing more respect for those who do not have a computer science background. Their disparagingment, ridicule, disrespect is exactly  the behavior Facebook and other outlets have labeled bullying and are trying to eliminate. 


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Re: Forum Bullying

I agree with your comments completely. I am also disappointed in the moderator's response/non-response to those who totally dominate a thread and treat others with disrespect (bullying). On one of their many threads I posted a comment to the effect that posters and their thoughts should be treated with respect even if one doesn't agree. A lot of those on the thread agreed with me, but my post was removed by the moderators. I was polite and posted my thoughts positively, when the few that you are referring to were just the opposite, but my post was removed.
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Re: Forum Bullying

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. There's a difference between one individual who has extensive direct personal experience using it make a point or try to clarify things for non-techs and another individual who alludes to having worked with people who actually did things and seems to think that should validate his/her credibility over someone who didn't. What you're complaining about is really no different from self-described artists getting sniffy because someone who doesn't like Artist X doesn't have an art background (or actors with non-theater people, "literary" critics, etc.). I see more of a problem with people trying to "win" by posting a LOT (kind of like winning an argument by talking louder). People like this are more easily handled (especially over the Internet) by ignoring them ... so the easiest solution would be for BN to give us an "ignore" feature so you don't even have to waste 2 seconds on someone who tries to dominate the conversation by sheer volume.
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Re: Forum Bullying

I have to agree with you regarding the value of an "ignore" button. 

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Re: Forum Bullying

Omni, you missed my point I believe.  People are capable of judging the quality of a posters information.  Look at the support threads.  It is easy to spot an answer from someone who has a solid technical background, compared with someone like myself who is just an interested end user.  It is not necessary to point out who is right, the fact that they fail to recognize this is part of the problem.  I understand many of the reasons why people do this, just don't think that is the issue. 


Is it really necessary to openly flame a another's response.  Shouldn't an answer clarifying what you believe is the answewr and why be sufficient.  Especially when somewhat abstract or general topics are discussed posters seem to be competing?,  keeping score? Why must it turn into a formal debate so often, with so much focus on why another poster is wrong and another right.  


I once had a supervisor refuse to take an assignment, she said she would quit first, because the group contained  an individual who behaved like this, she didn't  care how technically competent and hard working they were.  He was poison but he had no clue.  A less talented and experienced person was assigned, we couldn't afford to lose her. 


This competitive , adversarial and I believe bullying behavior is poison to these forums.  I am not hopeful they will modify their behavior.  Just like the employee I described they point to their skills and work as justification for their behavior, never recognizing they are poison.