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Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

Over christmas (and other times) I recieved several B&N Gift cards and before I know they allowed you to combine several card's ammounts into one card.  Today though I called their customer serivce line and was told sorry we can't do that.  I asked when this changed and he couldn't give a answer.


Does anyone know when this happened?  Also does anyone know if the bad online gift card bug was ever fixed?  Here is what use to happen:  You had a two gift cards listed on the site, one with $2 the other with $15 ammounts.  You go to buy a nook book that is $7.99.  The first card has $2 taken off AND $7.99 is also taken off of the second card.  So in essence you paid $9.99.  This is why I was always combining gift cards with small ammounts or they were almost useless online.  Anyone know if this has been fixed?


Even if fixed, it is also a problem if you have a bunch of cards with say $2 or other low ammounts as you are only allowed to have 3 cards listed on the site.  Hence if you have a bunch of low ammount cards you effectively can't use anymore and have to throw away?  If true I won't use gift cards anymore and ask for cash instead of gift cards.

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

I *think* they might be able to combine them in-store.  I recall someone saying their store combined their cards in a previous thread on this topic.  You could call your nearest store and see if they will do it for you.


I don't know if the bug was fixed.  If it's not, B&N really needs to get on that.


I do know that it's a good idea to hold on to all the physical cards because there was an issue where a card would "fall out" of the system and w/o the card number there was no way to retrieve it.

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

I've never tried to combine cards by calling CS. So I don't know if this has changed. I know in store they've had no problem combining or adding money to GCs for me.


As to the bug you describe, I've never encountered it. I am plagued by it wanting to charge the GC with the highest balance all the time, which results in needing to combine cards.

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

[ Edited ]

Yes that is what I heard too ...but last time I knew they could do it via the customer service number as well.  I am surprised they don't now.


As for the bug...I know it has been posted about but I don't know if anyone has tried lately.  I am not about to try though.


I know that federal law changed the playing feild for gift cards (making them never expire, no fees for using, etc) but I think that is one part that was left out of the law...the ability to combine with other gift cards.  I have a bad suspicion that B&N has done this so that cards with little ammounts are mostly useless and in essence allows them to still collect "fees" even if not exactly so.  I would love to be proved wrong though.


I do have all the cards and do definitly keep them handy incase there is ever a problem with the system "loosing" one online.

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

My local B&N store will combine cards for me, as well as add more money to an existing gc. I don't know if that's official B&N policy or if they just do it because they are super nice at my store. I don't think it ever occured to me to try calling cs to do it, though. Can you buy another gc, using your existing ones? I'm not sure if any store even lets you buy giftcards with a giftcard or if it would even matter to them. 

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

Sounds like it depends on the store.  The one I go to won't combine or add to GC's at all.  They did it once (and were rather nasty about it at the time) and haven't done it since.  I stopped trying, didn't like they way I was treated at the front counter... I will say the Nook guys are usually really nice and super helpful, they are the only reason I go in. 

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

I've never encountered that bug. I bought a book about a month ago-I had two gift cards with $1 or less on them and when I purchased the book, it took off each card and then charged the difference to my cc (the combined amount equalled the price of the book).
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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

You can combine gift cards in a Barnes and Noble Store. I'm unsure if that is a service they allow through the Customer Service line, but it might be you just talked to someone who didn't know any better. Stop by your local store, and they will do it for you. Basically what happens is that you purchase a new gift card with your old gift cards. It's easy to do, and should be no trouble for anyone who works a register. 

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card



We can't really "combine" gift cards in store: what we end up doing is loading one of the gift cards in a normal POS transaction with the exact amount on the other and using the other to pay for it. It works fine, but there are major limits: due to money laundering laws we can only "load" a gift card a total of three times (for no value higher than $2000 combined), after which the Gift Card is deactivated. This "combining" counts as a load, so it's possible they just don't want to deal with it over the phone anymore.

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Re: Gift cards...refusal to combine into one card

Not sure what the laws say but i've combined 6 $25 giftcards into one card for $150. This was about a week ago, in store. They rangbup a new card for $150 and he used all my cards to pay for it.