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Google Reader Replacements - Including Port of Newsrob to Newsblur

If anyone else is using their Nook device in part as a news client for RSS, you've probably already started looking at alternatives.  On the color device, when you have wifi, there are a ton of great choices. 


If you want to be able to read news when you don't have access to wifi, things get more challenging.  Also true on the e-ink devices.


My favorite RSS reader since I got the Nook Color has been Newsrob, and Newsrob's been configured to support the newsblur back-end.  I have the open source beta working on my NSTG as well as my Nook and Samsung devices.


I like Newsrob because it can be configured to fetch entire articles, not just the ledes.


I bought a Newsrob license once I tried the app out, and have also bought a newsblur subscription (in no small part because I'm pinging the service from four or so different devices at different times.) 


Newsblur's faster than Google Reader was and so far, more reliable.  The offline sync is working very well for me.  Two thumbs up, and a big thank you to Mariano, who let others work with his source code and to Travis, who did the Newsblur port fast enough that there needn't be an interruption in service.


If offline is something important to your use, definitely get a look at the Newsrob user's group mailing list. 



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