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I'm Dreaming Of A Black Christmas

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I've read books by these three stand-up comedians:Lewis Black,Bill Cosby and Kevin Nealon.  I own a number of Bill Cosby's books,including his newest ones,Cosbyology and I Am What I Ate...and I'm frightened!!! I'd say that Bill Cosby's sense of humor is funny,and his writing is original and makes sense. I've also read Kevin Nealon's  first book,"Yes,you're pregnant,but what about me?" I'd say his sense of humor is irrelevant and is neither very funny,nor very original  and it doesn't make any sense either. Lewis Black's sense of humor is politically irreverent. He's the only stand-up comedian whose sense of humor and writing make sense and is very funny and very original. I've read all three of his books,Me Of Little Faith,Nothing's Sacred and my favorite,I'm Dreaming Of A Black Christmas,where he concludes that Christmas isn't a holiday,it's an emotional tsunami. 

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