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I own a Nook, but am buying a Kindle !!!

I purchased a Nook, after a fair amount of research and contemplation, because I could download books from the public library.  The Nook does this for me.


Another reason I was drawn to the Nook was because of the ample storage capacity, and the option of adding storage space via a memory card.  As the Nook proudly brags...

Store as many as 1,500 eBooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines on your NOOK's 2 GB of internal storage, so you'll never be without your favorites. Need more space? Just add a Micro SD card

Terrific, lots and lots of storage space.


And so I've downloaded lots and lots of titles.... various info and reference resources, in addition to public domain fiction and nonfiction titles.


I've discovered, for me, a major flaw with the Nook.  There is no way to classify, group, or dependably sort the titles.  Yes, there is a sort by title, author, or date option... but I have found this very unreliable.  I have 870 titles loaded on my Nook... which translates to 87 pages of UNSORTED publications that I have to look thru whenever I want to find a resource.


The Nook does keep track of what I'm reading, but only that one title.  I'm reading a novel now, and when I wish to look thru another publication I must go thru the main menu, into my documents, and the very cumbersome process of paging past each and every page of the list. Even if I know upon which  page the title is housed, I still cannot simply ask the Nook to take me to that page of the directory.  (if that feature is available, I have not found it).


So, am I disappointed?  Plenty !!!  What is the value of having all the storage capacity if I can't find what I need, when I need it.


I've ordered a Kindle, and will keep my library on it.  I will use the Nook only for downloading and reading books from the public library.  I find the Amazon list of  ebooks available, both for purchase and free download, easier to peruse.  So, given the choice between Amazon and B&N for purchasing ebooks, my choice will now be Amazon.


My recommendation to friends will be to consider how they wish to use their ebook reader.  The only advantage I can give to the Nook is access to books from the public library.... and for many people, that does not factor high into their buying decision.


Barnes and Noble, I'm very disappointed that you've allowed this major deficiency in the Nook's software to continue.  It does not bode well for future Nook sales.




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Re: I own a Nook, but am buying a Kindle !!!

RubySlprzz wrote:

I purchased a Nook, after a fair amount of research and contemplation, because I could download books from the public library.  The Nook does this for me. 


@RubySlprzz -- I glad I found your first post while I was cruising through the Community Room board.   We are all hoping for improvement in the organization of books in the Nook software.  Hopefully soon, a update release will address that issue.  I believe there are 100's of posting on the Nook boards about this same organization topic. 


I have 380+ books from B&N library and 100+ books from other sources in the My Documents library area of the Nook.  The search function available for the B&N books works very well as it allows me to find the books I want by author or title.  Unfortunately, that same search feature is not currently available for the non-B&N books.  Also, there is no custom categorization of books like on the Kindle -- so the Nook software is definitely lacking in that area.  Again, hopefully an updated Nook software release is on the way as they have promised. 


I hope you enjoy your Kindle and am sorry to see you disappointed after you invested so much time researching and contemplating your purchase of a Nook just to find the issues we have all been concerned about (and posting B&N about) for many months.  I hope future updates of Nook turn you back to the Nook someday. 


"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." Albert Einstein
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Re: I own a Nook, but am buying a Kindle !!!

@ RubySlprzz,


You are not the only one disappointed with the lack of organization on the nook.  Your recommendation for someone to "consider how they wish to use their ebook reader" is sound.  Too many people purchase without researching.  For me, the nook has more advantages (I've only read one library book) and I am willing to wait for B&N to get their act together and actually listen to the requests by nook owners for improvements rather than additional "enhancements."


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