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Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

I tend not to believe everything techcrunch says since they were also the ones that reported BN and Microsoft were coming out with a windows tablet last year from some unknown source and we see that never happened.
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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

If the article is at all correct, the plan that "[...]transitions to a model whereNook content is distributed through apps on 'third-party partner'  devices" at the end of FY2014 (mid 2015) is a very slow pace, especially if the rapidly aging HD/+ is all they have until then. I hope B&N plans to be in the fight more quickly than that! 

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

I read the timing of the the third party devices as being earlier, possibly q1 of 2014:  'Third-party tablets, according to the document, are due to get introduced in 2014' with overlap between bn devices and 3rd party devices in 2014.  To me, that sounds like we now have the last nook lcd designs in hand.


I do wonder what happens with the e-ink line in this scenario.  Seems like the mother's day announcements have pretty much happened - cheaper lcd nooks with google play, and no e-ink announcement from bn for those who might want to pre-order.

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

Given that the article mentions tablets and ereaders as separate devices, and states that ereader devices would have a gradual decline, I'm assuming this plan will mean no new eink devices.


IMO the idea that heavy readers will gradually, naturally forget all the drawbacks of reading on tablets (the eyestrain and inability to fall asleep after staring at an LCD will magically go away), is a bit of wishful thinking on Microsoft's part.  I know that if B&N stops making eink devices, they will likely lose me as a customer, because as much as I like their reading app, I'll have very little incentive to buy from them.  I doubt I'm unique in that.

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

My understanding is -


Tablets will be ended by end of FY 2014 i.e. April 2014. That might mean no more new devices and Nook HD and HD+ are the last.


eInk Devices will continue until they stop selling. So new models this year and next at least.




I think this is probably true. B&N wants to get out. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Rakuten (Kobo) etc. are suitors.

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

Since Radio Shack is selling the NST for $20, this article may be correct. I do not think this is just a Mother's Day Sale. IMO

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

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Another great example of why IPOing is the worst idea in the world.

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

I think the HD/+ sale is partialy a mother day sale, but also partially to get renewed interest in the HD line along with the Google Play announcement.


I just bought my mother a NSTG for mothers day to replace her NST (she wants a NSTG but wasn't going to buy one on her own until the NST broke down).


I had hoped B&N would have released an updated eink device with various improvements over the NSTG.  But it doesn't look like it's going to happen unless they want to aim it for Fathers day which would be slightly odd as usually the higher end Nooks sell for Fathers day.

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Re: Microsoft Offering $1B for Nook Media?

I really really want at least one more eink device.  I have a HD, it's nice to read on, better than my ipad, but I prefer eink.  I like to read outside and I especially like the battery life.  There's nothing more annoying than being near finishing a book and have to stop to recharge.  There are days when I will sit and read for hourrs.  plume these next few days, I hurt my back, I'm pretty limited in what I can do, so I suspect I'll be reading a lot.  The HD will need recharging.  Not the NST.


I just want a new one with a light.  


If the stop making them, I don't know where I will go from here.  I do not want to have to read on a tablet.