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Problems at Amazon (Is Amazon counting our sales?)

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I have noticed a trend at Amazon for book sales in February and January. I will have two or three days where I sell dozens of books and then four or five days where no books will sell. (I have 15 ebooks for sell on Amazon.) I expected February and March sales to decrease after December and January but I did not expect the flash recording of sales similar to what occurred at B&N in December.


I understand that sales will fluctuate but I am beginning to suspect it is more than that. It seems impossible that books will sell 'wildly' and then all sales cease altogether. Are they missing sales and then 'peppering' them (later) in without telling us? 


Is anyone else noticing something awry with Amazon sales?

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Re: Problems at Amazon (Is Amazon counting our sales?)

You might want to join a writer's group to get the answer.  The B&N forum may not be the right place for this question.  Try  There's a bunch of authors there and maybe you can compare notes.

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