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NEW Historical Fiction - A Song in My Heart by Roma Calatayud-Stocks

Check out this historical novel which a includes a musical score written and composed by Roma Calatayud Stocks -





Barnes & Noble link:

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Night Walks Softly

I have just published Night Walks Softly on the Barnes and Noble site. My book is a mystery/suspense novel that has rich characters and setting description.


Night Walks Softly is Anne’s story. When Anne arrives in Yellow River eager to begin married life, she expects a peaceful existence in the quiet town. Little does she know that the very day she arrives, Judy Wallburn, the French teacher who will become her predecessor, has been murdered for knowing too much. As Anne starts fixing up her old farmhouse, getting used to her mother-in-law, and writing lesson plans, she walks step by step into the same danger. From finding a “Help me” plea to meeting intriguing new people such as Deb, Christina, and Dorthea, Anne’s story meshes her first year of marriage with the sinister backdrop of crime and murder in a small town.


I hope you will give it a look!  Here is the link at B&N:


Here is the link to my blog:

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Re: Read My Book!

Thanks Jessica  It is indeed an uphill battle to market your book in this new frontier of technology.  I am grateful for any help anywhere and on the flip side always am here to lend a hand to other authors. My book is harder to market than most as it is an autobiography of a little known actress who has had an avalanche of celebrity lovers. It is light hearted and a great summer read. It delves into the life of celebrities such as: Johnny Depp, Sly Stallone, Kevin Costner, Vince Neil, Billy Idol, Sting, Mick Jagger,
Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Brett Michaels, Mark Messier, David Cassidy, Jack Wagner and lots of other

A-listers. Appreciate the help!  Here's a link to my nook


Best of Luck Peggy

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Cigarette Smoking: What It’s Doing to Smokers and Nonsmokers

Cigarette Smoking  


The smokers who feel idiotic for developing a smoking habit in the first place, the thought of quitting may seem even harder to fathom. But take heart: “Cigarette Smoking: What It’s Doing to Smokers and Nonsmoker” discusses tobacco hazards to smokers and nonsmokers and the use of “Breathing Exercises” and other natural ways to stop smoking.

This guide has the tips, strategies and advice you need to give up cigarettes for good. Learn how to set goals, identify and break smoking habits, choose nicotine patches and medications, design a long-term health plan, find support networks and deal with withdrawal symptoms, weight gain, stress and depression-- without lighting up.

Words of warm encouragement are accompanied by multiple proven techniques to conquer the quitters' enemies. The material is presented succinctly, with good use of tables, and is referenced appropriately. 

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Smite The Damned by Zack Kullis

When Keith Da Silva finally confronts the dark circumstances surrounding his mother’s death, his eyes are opened to the darkness that is waging an ancient war against humanity. Keith is violently confronted by demonic forces, shattering his view of reality, and fights for his life with beings of unspeakable evil.

In Smite The Damned, legions of spirits and demons fight alongside an ancient evil, the Nephilim, that have been hiding among their human prey. Keith is asked to help keep the dark forces at bay, and becomes a hunter of the damned. But, his role as a hunter soon brings pain and death to his family and friends. With only a few people to help, Keith takes the battle to the forces of the Dark Lord, and ultimately, is pulled into a fight within a grand demon’s personal realm.
My name is Zack Kullis.  This novel is the first I have published, and I loved every minute of writing it.  I tend to gravitate to paranormal and urban fantasy genres with my reading, as well as with my writing. 


My work in Federal Law Enforcement has contributed to my writing because it frequently puts me in close contact with some of the darkest sides of humanity.  I am currently working on the second book in the Smite The Damned series; Realm Crossing.  I hope that you download the book and get absorbed in it!  Here is a link to my novel:



Smite the Damned. The sequel, Realm Crossing, to be released soon.
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Re: Read My Book!

Hello my name is Angelo McCutchen and I have a book entitled "How to repair your credit legally" "What the collection agencies don't want you to know" It is a book that has helped so many people get their credit history on track, some have even called it the best book on the market for the information that its gives in helping people, better yet teaching people how to repair their own credit and not having to pay someone hundred of dollars to do it for them! 


                                In this book I give you the two things that every collection agencies don't want you to know, plus you get dispute letters that I use to first repair my credit and just so you know my scores were in the low 400's but within a year later my scores were all in the 800's just by using what I outlined in my book. My book can be purchased here on B&N plus you can go to Amazon, and many other online book stores

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Re: Read My Book!

I would like to take the opportunity to promote my book  that is for sale on Barnes &Noble Nook books


Anna Kippling Series Book One- The key By: A.D. Duling  

 Anna Kippling is a teenage girl, who by chance or possibly fate; discovers a key that opens a door to a world far different than hers! It has long been predicted of her coming and of what she will accomplish! A young man named Hayden, helps her escape from an evil Chancellor; He also evokes feelings in her, that she's never felt before! On their journey to his home, she unimaginably comes across her “Book of Answers”. When she asks it a question; she receives an answer. However,not always the answer she wants!
    She must once again face the Chancellor in order to save the Empress, But she has many allies! Some of which are supernatural! Magic is always at hand! Jewelry that can make her disappear and rewind time... To glowing trees with magical beads;that replenishes one’s health in minutes!
   No one really knows their true potential, until it is tested... No one really knows love until they almost lose it! And no one really knows death until they have to face it... 


A.D. Duling
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Dream Watchman - Quest for the Missing Talisman by Tina Roberts



Dream Watchman - Quest for the Missing Talisman by Tina Roberts:


Dream Watchman: Quest for the Missing Talisman presents readers with an epic saga, the first in a trilogy by author Tina Roberts. While it fits perfectly into the young adult fantasy genre, it also provides an enjoyable and exciting read for the whole family.


Set in modern-day Los Angeles, Dream Watchman: Quest for the Missing Talisman transports readers back to the 17th-century world of warlocks and sorcerers on an island called the Jeweled City by the Black Sea. Unlike a Disney fairytale kingdom, this is a place of wickedness and deception.


This magical kingdom is first visited on the night of Emily Rollins’ thirtieth birthday, when a family curse, buried for over 200 years in Liberty County, Texas, resurfaces in California. Everything spins out of control the moment Emily is contacted by the warlock King, also known as the title character, the Dream Watchman.


The King is on a bloodthirsty quest to find a talisman named after a Blue Hydra dragon called Inspiration. The talisman has eluded him for over five centuries. With its power, the Dream Watchman can defeat the God of Light and control the world.


Emily, a fashion industry executive, has unknowingly inherited the ancient talisman, but she just wants everything to turn back to normal!


Dream Watchman: Quest for the Missing Talisman brings together all the magical elements of a fantasy adventure story as it transports readers into an unforgettable and timeless world.

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Re: Read My Book!

Hello fellow authors and readers! 


I'm Malla Duncan and currently have around six books on B&N ebook list - Nook Books. But sales are slow because I see the books have no jacket description attached - and I have no idea how to market on this site.


My books are contemporary psychological thrillers for women - as well as children's books.  It's the women's books I'm looking to promote.




Full-length dark romantic mystery/suspense thrillers geared for intrigue and pace!


Anybody got any ideas of how I can generate a little more interest amongst B&N readers?


Much appreciate any advice. 

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A Mark of the Divine



Living and coping in a vastly changing America is one of the themes that threads its way through this  imaginative, entertaining and thought provoking novel. One big question that emerges:  Can the United States, as it is now, keep from  splitting up in order to heal itself? 


The story takes place between 2012 and 2020


The national debt in America continues its climb into the stratosphere.  Runaway inflation and devastating unemployment are causing millions to find themselves without work and on the verge of insolvency.  Homelessness is looming in the their future.  Relgious persecution is ramping up in public places continue to escalate and stimulate acts of violence towardss Christians and Jews.


Then a glowing tench suddenly and mysteriously appears in the Amargosa Desert in the southwestern United States.  The trench is discovered by a jet pilot flying maneuvers over the area.  Many begin to believe this is a message from God, and the press dubs the trench THE Line in the Sand. 


This trench spurs a secret, powerful and mysterious 'think-tank' group to recruit twin brothers, Ben and Robert O'Neil to lead a massive mission aimed at providing relief to persons suffering from the deteriorating situations taking place in America.   This mission leads millions on a path to wholeness and is reminiscent of the innovative spirit of our ancestors as they moved westward in the early days of America.  The many tales of individual struggles, triumph and humaness will capture your heart.



Author: Russ Brown


Russ Brown was born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  Beginning in his early years, he learned welding and other skills, drove truck and learned the crop protection product business. He also worked on a construction crew building and selling steel buildings.


Russ attended the University of Idaho School of Forestry and served with the U.S. Army Signal Corps. After returning to Grand Forks, Russ was married , attended the University of North Dakota, and worked full time at a small upper midwest company involved in light manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retailing. During this time he served as Sales Manager and Accounts Manager, and eventually President and CEO.


During his career, Russ was instrumental in introducing the most innovative products and services available,  The Ag Depot Distribution and Production Center, under Russ’ direction, earned the company the State Environmental Respect award. “Do it right or don’t do it at all” was Russ’ motto.


Over the years, Russ has received many awards as a result of his innovative spirit, including: North Dakota Small Business Person of the Year; North Dakota Business Innovator of the Year; Builder of the Valley; and more. He also served on a bank board for several years, as well as many trade association boards such as the Center For Innovation (University of North Dakota), the President of the National Agriculture Retailers Association. and many more.


Russ attributes his successes to having received a “Doctorate in Life”. His personal business philosophy focuses on the customer, the employee and the community.


Russ has been married for fifty four years and is the father of six children, thirteen grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. He and his wife Connie currently reside in Sun City, AZ.