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Re: Ladybug Baby Bug by Janice and Mark Perkins

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Children's Book Feeds the Imagination and Kids in Need

Mark & Janice Perkins found a way to fulfill a lifelong dream and help families in need. They are venturing into the world of writing and illustrating children’s books. Their first book will entertain young readers and put food on the tables of area children. The book, LADYBUG BABY BUG, has been published by Authorhouse, and a large portion of the proceeds will go to provide food for families in need.

In Ladybug Baby Bug, the authors offer readers a charming peek into the life of the Ladybug family, including Momma, Da-Da, Sissy, Na-Na, Pa-Pa, and Brother Bug. It's a great book for emerging readers with whimsical illustrations to draw in and hold your infants or preschoolers interest. The easy-to-read story shows the importance of having a strong relationship with all members of your family and will encourage your children to seek family unity and love.

On sale at -- LADYBUG BABY BUG

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Re: Read My Book!

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My name is Debbie Diamond and I am a new author and have had my first book published by PublishAmerica, Someone Special For Me. It is now on their website and will be released to the public on December 12, 2007. It is a holiday romance, just in time for Christmas. My husband doesn't read romance but he loves my book and he even proofread my book for me and fell in love. I hope that you get a change to read this and hopefully Barnes and Nobles will pick this one up.

Thank you,

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Debbie Diamond - Author of "Someone Special For Me"
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"Searchable Whereabouts" by Tinisha Nicole Johnson

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Searchable Whereabouts is not your typical mystery novel. It's filled with murder, laughter, suspense, finding love and total disbelief, right down to the end. So if you're into compelling and drama-filled, nail-biting mystery novels, Searchable Whereabouts is the book for you.

Enter the complicated life of Rahkel Williams. She is trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding her beloved Uncles mysterious murder and finding clues into his life that has her wondering if he was the man she knew.

Becoming obsessed with finding her uncle's killer, and no definite answers from the police, she enlists the services of private investigator, Darrin Miller. With his help, she sets out to find answers, and it's not long before they both get personal.

As time goes on, Rahkel finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit, where nothing and no one are as they seem. She begins to wonder if she can trust anyone. The deeper Rahkel searches for answers, the stranger things become, while people of interest are being killed and she’s afraid she’ll be next, which sets this novel in a race of time to find the truth. There are so many twist and turns, that you can be assured you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat, anticipating each page turned.

Available everywhere for pre-order Nov 1, 2007.
Book Release: February 1, 2008
Visit the authors website:

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Tinisha Nicole Johnson
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A Pocket Full of Poems also Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining:Poetic verses

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I am a new Author and would like to express what my books are about.
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining gives the readers a new way to look at things that happen in their lives.

A Pocket Full of Poems is written and illustrated by me in effort to show children how poetry can be fun. I attended an elementary school and read to the children they were impressed.

As for my silve lining I was told it is very Inspiring. let me know what you think. This is a huge accomplishment for me.

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Re: Read My Book!Lies, Lies and More Lies. (ISBN 0595435491)

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Thousands of temples destroyed, co-religionists converted to another religion by the blade of a sword and asked to pay a tax to practice their own religion in their own land.
The story of a persecuted minority? No. The tragic history of the self-effacing majority of India- the Hindus.

Read about the rise of Hindu Nationalism (NOT FUNDAMENTALISM) in this new book,

Title: Lies, Lies and More Lies
ISBN: 978-0-595-43549-4
ISBN (10): 0595435491
LCCN: 2007904121
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication date: June 26, 2007.
Author: Vivek

This book is a point by point counter to Martha Nussbaum's Clash Within which is a one-sided view.This is what one reader had to say after reading my book.

Dear Vivek:

I have read your book during the summer. I have also received other comments on my review of Martha Nussbaum's book, sometimes heinous, always much less balanced than your insightful essay on Hindutva and its critics.

After giving it serious consideration, I have decided to delete my review on The Clash Within from the Amazon website. I will leave it to other readers to post their comments and provide their own perspective on the issues addressed in Nussbaum's book. As for me, I claim no expertise on the topic. I am just a plain reader who has a great admiration for India as a nation and who deeply respects its tradition of pluralism. Most of my readings on India have been works of fiction, which I don't review. As for political materials, thanks to your essay I know understand better the contested nature of the topic as well as the vigour of some readers' reaction to Martha Nussbaum's book. Thanks to this exchange, I have learned something about India, but more importantly I have seized the depth of my ignorance.

I thank you again for having kindly sent me the e-version of your collection of essays, which indeed provided me with a different and valuable perspective.

With grateful regards,

Etienne Rolland Piegue, Amazon Reviewer

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Re: Read My Book!

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Hello, my name is Erica Porter and I am the author of Eat That Monkey: Now Is the Time to Change Your Life!

The title refers to the monkey on our backs – the one that sometimes causes us to make decisions that may not be right for us as it pertains to our bodies and the type of lifestyle and physical capabilities we desire and deserve. We all do it; even though we have a good idea of what decisions will get us where we want to be, we somehow get derailed.

This book helps identify the root cause of your bad decisions (aka your monkey- a decision that causes more than momentary regret, leaves you feeling disappointed and/or unhappy with yourself, yet repeating that behavior over and over) and helps you make the decisions that are right for you, particularly as it pertains to your health and your body.

Then, once you have identified and are controlling your monkey, you still require the facts and knowledge to make good decisions regarding nutrition and exercise and this book is chock full of practical information on these subjects. It also talks about the pharmaceutical, diet, and food industries and how they represent a bit of a headwind for those of us working to live a healthy life. For example, did you know that the food industry is second only to the auto industry in money spent on marketing? Like we need encouragement to eat. And there are many examples of this type of valuable insight in the book. See, once you know how you are being marketed to, you can better defend yourself.

About Erica:

Erica Porter has been a health and fitness enthusiast and participant her entire life—from competing as a gymnast, swimmer, dancer, and professional wrestler to educating others as a personal trainer, health and fitness consultant, lifestyle and weight management specialist, and lifestyle motivator. These combined experiences have given Erica a keen understanding of the human body and psyche, creating a profound aspiration to enlighten and inspire achievement of optimal health and superior well-being.

Erica has had the opportunity to educate many people over the years. As she analyzed the symptoms of poor health, looking for ways to affect lasting change for her clients, it became obvious that unhappiness in any form could manifest itself in dangerous and destructive lifestyle habits. After witnessing many of her clients and acquaintances make lasting and positive health changes under her guidance, Erica realized that she must leverage her ability so as to benefit as many people as possible. Answering for everyone, what individuals have been asking her for years…how do I achieve lasting good health? This is what compelled Erica to write Eat That Monkey, Now Is the time to change Your Life! and to create her powerful Choose, Change, Control seminars. Erica’s focus is on encouraging the masses to take responsibility for their “self” and their life. Erica motivates and facilitates positive lifestyle changes and creates the perspective required for healthy daily living.

Erica is versatile, professional, knowledgeable, funny and charismatic, and her expertise and life experience can guide you to accomplishing your most important and elusive goals. Erica shares her secrets for expanding personal growth and becoming genuinely satisfied with your life. Her success as an educator, athlete, and professional speaker, coupled with her genuine optimism and enthusiasm make every presentation a starting point for personal and professional growth. Her messages are always personal, interactive, and entertaining for large and small audiences alike. Erica Porter is the consummate presenter whose distinguished physical appearance commands credibility.

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Erica D. Porter
Now IS the Time to Chage Your Life!
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The Adventures of Kid Combat- great new book for kids.

My family stumbled across a great new book thats geared for "young adults". It was read in their schools and they really took to it.

Its called the "Adventures of Kid Combat". It seems it will be a series of books. The first one, "A Secret Lost", is out now. Its available on this website and the whole series has its own site -

Its full of adventure and has no real violence in it- which is refreshing. It follows a group of kids around who are fighting against an evil man - Phillip Arthur Jones whos corrupt ways are taking over their town and they start fighting back. There are a lot of good characters and it has really cool illistrations in the book also- same with the website.

Check it out.
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New Historical Book about Ambition and Determination in the Civil War era of American history

Martyr to Freedom: The Life and Death of Captain Daniel Drayton

Author: Zachary J. Martin

Hamilton Books (member of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group)

~From the Publisher:

Captain Daniel Drayton is a relatively unknown figure of American history. He lived the life of an Atlantic Coastal trader and Abolitionist, and is memorable for his bravery in transporting seventy-seven fugitive slaves to the North on his ship the Pearl. In the summer of 1857, Drayton came to the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts and took his own life. This work investigates his possible reasons for doing so. Captain Daniel Drayton's life was filled with ambition and afflicted by failure-history sometimes forgets that those who have failed are just as valuable as those who succeeded. Martyr to Freedom illuminates the sad but honorable life of the Abolitionist, set in a historical context. Readers of all ages can gain a sense of understanding and respect for this tragic time in American history, and the people who helped bring us out of it.

~About the Author:

Zachary J. Martin is a twenty-five year old Adjunct American History Professor at Bristol Community College and Roger Williams University. He received his Bachelors Degree in History from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and his Masters Degree in American History from Providence College. Martyr to Freedom is Professor Martin's first book, and he is dedicated to the study of history. He has focused a great deal of his studies on the sociological, economical and political aspects of nineteenth-century American history, with emphasis on the Civil War era. Professor Martin is a native of Fairhaven, Massachusetts and currently lives in Bristol, Rhode Island. He will be moving shortly to pursue a Ph.D. in American History.

~Table of Contents:

Preface; The End and the Beginning; Rebirth; The Watery Trail; Trials and Tribulations; Heart and Home: The Long Road into the Night; Epilogue; Bibliography;
Index; About the Author
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Karen Donato .... I live in Sharon, Pennsylvania with my Husband Michael. I learned to cook from my mother, who seemed to always be in the kitchen, and always encouraged my sister and I to help, just as I did with my children and now I do with my grandchildren.

We owned a restaurant called " Mike and Karen’s Luncheonette" until we closed it in 1992. Other than cooking, my passion is sewing, embroidery and quilting, scrapbooking, gardening and tap dancing.
I've just had my first cookbook published by AuthorHouse and it's doing amazingly well.

This book came about because like a lot of people I get the same answer when I ask "what would you like for dinner?"
Do you usually get the same answers I do? Anything, I don't care,Something or Whatever!"
Well - those and more are the names of the recipes in my cookbook! So when your family says they want "Anything" you can just whip it up!
It's a fun and amusing approach to cooking!
The recipes in this book are made up of things I cook for my family and things that I made at our resturant.
Hope you enjoy the humor in the names of the dishes and that you’ll try a few of them yourself.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

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Oops I forgot the name of my book is "What's for Dinner from Karen's Kitchen" it's available through Barnes and

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