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In Search of God: The God of Spirituality



Religions and prophets have been preaching about God for centuries, and millions of people have developed faith in their concept. The revolution of science and technology in this century has forced many of us to reevaluate the doctrines and tenets received through our religious traditions. Should we believe in creation or should we believe in evolution? Should we believe in heaven and His court of justice when we look up in the sky or should we believe in the space, the planets, the stars, and the galaxies up there? I hope this write-up will provide a fresh insight into the mysteries about God -- and leave us wiser, peaceful, and enlightened

God and spirit is no more another worldly belief in fate, luck, chance, or coincidence. For the new generation of 21st century, we should be able to make sense of the real world, find peace in the midst of turmoil, and discover hope and joy. The God is not in church or mosque or temple only that appears every Sunday. God is also not sitting somewhere in the sky watching our actions. The God is in us 24-hours a day. “If we can’t see God in all, we can’t see God at all.” We need scriptures that can teach us all humans are capable of achieving union with God while still alive by realizing the Divine within. We want to become one with God and experience it.

This book will lead us towards spiritual meditation and permanent peace; representing the best that East and West have to offer since the author is educated at Yale University in the West and Punjab University in the East. The reader will understand the concept of God, which constitutes the spiritual basis of living. This understanding will lead us to love and happiness irrespective of our faith.

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Re: Boomerang












A bit from a review over at Goodreads.


Tim Myles rated it 5 of 5 stars

I was really surprised by this, but it was a great, little page turner. Really funny in parts, very ...


Over 2000 sold in the UK, nearly that amount in the US. Would love for you to have a look.


Lots of reader reviews from Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords can be found at Boomerang's Home on the Web along with sample chapters, which of course can also be found here at B&N.







Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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Champ, the Boxing Boxer by Priscilla Sanchez

Feeling unwanted and unloved after the birth of their baby sister Samantha, Lizzie and Peter run away from home in search of a new life.  While wandering the woods the two come across a boxing dog named Champ who becomes their best friend.  Life is full of adventures with Champ until one day they realize they miss their family and want to go home.  With Champ now feeling unwanted himself, he leaves them.  The chase is on to find him until Lizzie and Peter fall in a river flowing downward.  Will Champ hear their cries and be able to save them in time...



This is a kids book that I just had published with Authorhouse.  It is $8.32 but can be purchased now for $5.34 on line at  It will be on all major websites shortly such as Amazon,Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart....

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[ Edited ]





Hello all! I just wanted to share a little excerpt from the romantic adventure, Jungle Of Deceit . :smileyhappy:



    Chuck had gone ahead to check the trail one last time. It was almost a relief to have him out of her hair. Between him and Wes, their disapproval of her intended destination was stifling. It wasn’t as if she was crossing that barrier—that unseen line where people had gone missing over the past few years. No, they would be a good forty miles from the sector labeled No Man’s Land on Chuck’s map. 

   Alex would never jeopardize the safety of her crew, particularly considering most were college students, too young to know any better on their own. Maybe she was barely ten years older than most of them, but it might as well have been a lifetime. Youth was something that fascinated her, but she felt a strange disassociation with it. 

   Again Alex’s gaze returned to the photographer. He swiped a hand through hair made darker by perspiration. The hair was nice to look at, but her focus was on that hand. Big and scarred with nicks. A man’s hand. 

   That rogue thought spurred Alex to slam down the trunk of the Jeep. The sound drew the photographer’s attention her way and she met his eyes. 

   Midnight blue. 

   They reminded her of the ponds that provided sanctuary from the rigors of this dig. Cloistered by palm fronds, those small bodies of stagnant water discharged curls of steam on sultry mornings. Each pond was a temple to her. Each a retreat. 
And Mitch Hasslet’s eyes looked exactly like the dark shadows at their depths. 

   Alex jerked her glance away. Maybe the move of their camp would improve her sudden treacherous thoughts. Yes, of course it would. A new challenge in an uncharted jungle. Land that no archeologist had covered. 

   Well, she couldn’t say that was true. 

   If an archeologist had—they never returned to tell about it. 


Jungle Of Deceit   $2.99

ENDLESS NIGHT - Carina Press
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DEVIL'S HAND by M. E. Patterson

[ Edited ]

Devil's HandA Las Vegas poker ace with supernatural luck is swept into a world-ending conflict between fallen angels and otherworldly shades, in a thrilling new novel for readers who enjoy Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, and Tim Powers.

The lone survivor of a tragic plane crash, Trent Hawkins inherited a mysterious lucky streak that made him famous, and hated, in the poker circles of the City of Sin. It wasn’t long before the eyes in the sky threw him on the blacklist and chased him out of town. Now, after years away, Trent returns to Las Vegas, and walks right back into trouble.

As a serial kidnapper terrorizes the city, Trent and his wife, Susan, rescue a strange, thirteen year-old girl, only to find themselves caught in a fallen angel’s plot to cleanse Las Vegas with an unholy blizzard.

As the neon dims and the city freezes, Trent is forced to make terrible sacrifices in order to protect his new charge, and learns dark truths about himself and the creatures plotting against mankind. Poker-playing demons, fallen angels, and otherworldly shades all vie to enlist his strange luck, and Trent must choose his role in the coming War, or watch our world fall to ruin beneath a blanket of shadow and ice.


DEVIL'S HAND is a 5-star rated thriller, consistently in Amazon's Top 100 in Horror/Occult. Kirkus Indie said that it "flows with eager excitement, a blend of Las Vegas gambling culture, modern cowboy adventure, biblical doom and videogame action. ...a satisfying adventure, a gritty, pulpy tale...keeps up the pace right to the climactic end. A fast-paced fight against demonic forces that will appeal to lovers of supernatural thrillers." 


Official website (with purchase links):

Buy it for your Nook:


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A Simple Solution to America's Weight Problem: Banish Belly and Lose Weight in Just 5 Minutes a Day



New & natural way to weight loss. Not another diet and vigorous exercise or some nutrient, vitamin, hormone, and drug that I am promoting. With child obesity at national emergency levels (that has involved first lady Michelle Obama now); it is time to treat those fat, unhealthy, undisciplined, drug infested bodies with a technique that works. This book is here to help you with that. Good Luck! 

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Earth is like, SO DOOMED

Earth Is Like, So Doomed!  


Beware of these levels:
███████ Science
█████░░ Humor
█████░░ Evil
██████░ Bad Jokes
██████░ Devious grownups getting what they've got coming
███████ Other grownups disrespecting the magnificent teenage brain

Jasper Biggs is the egghead son of egghead parents. He lives in a town full of dweeb scientists the government has kept in seclusion for several generations, nurturing and crossbreeding them for military purposes. Brainville's adult softball leagues, and most school sports teams, are a complete joke.

The strange thing - these communities really exist. They sprang up around Roswell and Area 51 back when we discovered that teenage alien joyriders were out causing trouble and crashing their dad’s flying saucers in our deserts.

The bad news - the Directorate, which controls these research towns - has discovered a comet on a collision course with the United States. Will this mean the end of civilization? Will the young heroes outwit their robot foster-parents and creepy men-in-black to save the planet?

When Jasper's parents disappear, he gets stuck with Papatron, a bizarre collection of abrasive circuits, moral inconsistencies, and his father's illogical ways.

But something's freaky about this whole "End of the World" scenario. Will his magnificent mind decipher the clues and help him lead his ragtag group of science junkies to the truth? Or, will that enchanting girl from the next town over - the one who can paralyze him with a single glance - turn out to be radioactive, or maybe a witch?

"I couldn't put it down!" said one reviewer who had a bad super-glue accident while reading it.

"Finally, a book where humans are attracted to other humans!" said someone who has actually kissed a vampire and didn't like the taste of dead flesh.

"When will this author write another book for me to anonymously praise?" asked Sally Higgins, age 13, from Oklahoma. (I'll do it on Tuesday, OK?)

Max Cool is a writer whose brain is so far ahead of its time that science cannot safely contain the negative effects and run on sentences.


Earth is Like, So Doomed, now on sale for the Nook
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"Apologies from a Repentant Christian" by Donna L. Young

[ Edited ]

Apologies From A Repentant Christian 


I called myself a Christian because I wore a cross, prayed to God and attended church regularly. Yet, I lied, gossiped, and judged others without mercy. I misrepresented my God with my behavior, attitude, and words. Such was my life.


In my prayers I asked for God to use my life to glorify Him, but was ill prepared for the response. I was arrested and charged with a felony! In deep and dark despair, I turned to Jesus Christ for help, and He was there to save me, as I sorrowfully repented for my past sinful behavior!  Jesus transformed my heart and I was blessed with unimaginable peace and joy.


This is the story of the healing power found through Jesus Christ. I am living proof that people can change and that choosing to live a righteous and holy life brings joy.


Donna L. Young graduated from Liberty Baptist University with a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. She is the wife of a Retired US Navy Seabee and currently a volunteer to aid military families in crisis. To learn more about Donna L. Young please visit:

Author of Apologies from a Repentant Christian.
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Two teenage lovers adrift in a dying world.  A dark, flooded river.  Shadowy hunters closing in.  RIVER DAWN.  The new dystopian adventure now only 99 cents.


RIVER DAWN, a novel by Stephen Graff  

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Re: The Wahl House Curse

[ Edited ]

The Wahl House Curse   is $2.99

Peter Corbin was in need of a change with his job as a realtor in a busy Michigan suburb. A chance to transfer to a small town in mid-Michigan seemed to be what he and his wife Sarah needed. They purchased an old house for a bargain price without much regard for the troubled past. This proved to be something he would soon regret. The restless ghosts quickly made their presence known. (about 59,000 words).


Thank you,