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Re: Read My Book!

You might enjoy my short Christian historical novel entitled Standing Elk.  One librarian said of the novel: "It is a beautifully written story."  The book is available from the Treble Heart Books website:
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Art of Stress-free Living: Eastern and Western Approach

Art of Stress-free Living  


“Art of Stress-free Living: Eastern and Western Approach” is a practical guide that combines various stress treatment approaches that have been recognized for centuries by faith healers and meditation experts, and are now accepted by modern medical practitioners. This is the first book of its kind, combining ancient Eastern wisdom and modern Western scientific knowledge.

This guide can save you from going to expensive seminars and other programs offered in physicians' offices, spas, schools or retirement centers. You don’t need to go to an ashram in India or University “wellness” centers; because this book provides various relaxation techniques that you will be able to follow yourself.

What is called “Sudarshan Kriya” by new age gurus is a cycle of breaths—long, medium and short. Not only breathing patterns influence our emotions, the breath is in the present and is used to "rope in the wandering mind" that oscillates wildly between the past and the future. You will learn how the breath being in the present can be used to "rope in the wandering mind". Like Zen masters who teach that the present moment is a chink opening into eternity, this guide describes in detail “THE POWER OF NOW- ZEN BUDDHISM APPROACH.”

This guide also takes into account the positive (pre-distress/eustress) aspects of stress.

The introduction to “Art of Stress-free Living” starts with a quote by Dr. Redford Williams, Duke University: “Diet and exercise alone are like a two-legged stool. It's more stable with the third leg, stress management.” However, the author goes even further that for healthy heart stress management is even more important than weight control and lower cholesterol. Dr. Dhillon observes that his stressed friends who were not overweight, had normal cholesterol ended up with bypass surgery, whereas those who are overweight but with low stress level did not need bypass surgery so far (in their mid-sixties now). He provides various studies and statistics on “high cost of stress” in terms of health as well as wealth. The studies show sixty to 90 percent of all doctor visits involve stress-related complaints.

The book consists of six chapters each representing an independent topic: chapter 1, Mind-Body Connection; Chapter 2, Stress Management Approaches; Chapter 3, Mental Relaxation Approaches to Stress; Chapter 4, How Breathing Affects Stress; Chapter 5, The Value of Spiritual Living; Chapter 6, The Power of Now: Zen Buddhism Approach. The chapters precede by introduction, and are followed by Glossary, References, and Notes.

After establishing mind-body connection in chapter 1, the next chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 cover various approaches to stress management. However, before dealing with purely stress-management approaches, author does discuss in chapter 2 various sources of stress and stress symptoms. This chapter also gives a graph where you can determine your stress-level.

In addition to common sense approaches to routine stress, under specific stress-management approaches are discussed “Medical Approaches” and “Non-Medical alternatives.” Nutritional approach, exercise, sleep, a change of routine, financial planning, and communication are among various other means of handling stress. The author introduces relaxation techniques to be followed in detail later in the next chapters.

Chapter 6 scientifically evaluates the Zen Buddhism approach to relieve stress. Enlightenment, emotion, psychological pain are included in this chapter. Dr. Dhillon, who is uniquely qualified to present a synthesis of Eastern and Western stress-management approaches, goes in detail about the power of now in this chapter. In this chapter, he also covers general suggestions based on Zen Buddhism

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Re: Read My Book!

Well, Becke sent me over here. I'm Malla Duncan and I'm wanting to promote my three women's psychological thrillers that are available at bargain prices in Nook Book. If you like thrillers with good doses of mystery and suspense and romance - then have a look at my novels right here on B&N!


Here's one to consider: Ordinary people may be the most dangerous you will know...


Would really like some feedback from readers. Always interested in the way people view things.


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Doughnut Rising

[ Edited ]

Doughnut Rising 


Poor Doughnut.  Transformed into a dinosaur of sorts and wanting to forget his many woes, he accepts an invitation from his ex-boyfriend.  What could be more relaxing than a weekend spent out in the country?  Birds singing, fresh air, good company, trees all over, calm days, quiet nights, free food and free beer.  All of the above should flow like a cool, calming balm over Doughnut and his troubles.  Peace is what he desires.


Too bad he doesn't find it.


What he does find are romantic complications, a dragon, orcs, brawls and more brawls, a battle to remake all reality, changes and transformations, a suspicious superhero, grand theft, more silliness than even he thought possible and maybe just maybe the love of his life.


Doughnut Rising is my first novel and I had so much fun writing it.  It was my constant companion for many days.  I had so much fun writing it that I am writing its sequel which I have named The Road to Dragon Kong.  You have been warned. 


I hope you have fun reading Doughnut Rising.

Yep, I really wrote Doughnut Rising. Doughnut meet World; World meet Doughnut.
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Escape on a Caribbean cruise....for only .99 cents.  Even William Shatner can't get you that kind of deal! :smileyhappy:


Emotional Waves  


Hoping to put her recent car accident behind her, Jill Perry boarded the Neptune Majesty for a week long Caribbean cruise. Brent Coales was aboard the Neptune Majesty with the sole intention of locating the criminal blackmailing Brent’s famous friend.


In a near fatal collision, the paths of Jill and Brent’s lives cross.


Fearing that he has put Jill in danger, Brent knows that he must protect her. But when their relationship turns to passion, he is conflicted between his loyalty to his friend and family, and his feelings for Jill. 


ENDLESS NIGHT - Carina Press
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Re: Alone Again




Emily Sutton had been an outgoing happy person when they had married. Her husband, David struggled to understand what changed once they moved into the old suburban house that a builder had fixed up after it had stood abandoned for a few years. Emily was only a shadow of her former self. She had become withdrawn and thought something in the house was trying to harm her. With her health suffering and delusions increasing, tragedy was inevitable. A coworker of David's befriended him to help him cope. Increasing strange occurrences in the house caused him to question whether the cause of Emily's death was as obvious as he thought.

Alone Again is about 43,000 words and contains some mature content.


Thank you,



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Indian Massacre in Orlando

Arguably the last Indians living in Central Florida in 1883 were all massacred because the chief's favorite squaw loved White Man Cow. John asked the President of the United States to send soldiers to remove the Indians. John didn't think his request was out of line; after all the government had earlier been moving Indians to the "Indians Territory" (now Oklahoma) for years. But the President wouldn't do it. So John had to do it. He killed every man, woman and child. This is the story of why he did it. This is the story of how he did it. This is the story of the unbelievable consequences. I believe that Indian Massacre in Orlando is basically a true story. I used old documents and interviews of John's decedents about stories passed down in the family. I also used other historical documents and research from the Internet. I had to fill in some gaps for some of the minor details which were not available from the interviews or historical data. I wanted to minimize such usages and therefore I have purposefully kept the story short and confined to the true data. To help you grasp and understand the cause of the massacre I have included a brief history of the relationships between the Indians and the pioneers. And I have included a description of the paradise in which the local Indians lived before we came. This paradise, while not in its "wild" form, still exists and I have lived in it for most of my adult life. I believe you will enjoy the story.
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THE GIRL OF DRACULA by Dorina Stanciu

The Girl Of Dracula  Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you Jessica for this wonderful opportunity.

My name is Dorina, and I recently published my Romantic Suspense "The Girl of Dracula". It is a May-December romance that blossoms in a faraway country in Eastern Europe - the place where Dracula first became known. It is a story of love between an American history professor and a freshly graduated student. Alex and Adelina's love tangles with an ancient feud between a gypsy tribe and prince Vlad the Impaler – Dracula, as he was better known. A whirl of unexpected events channels the cursed Werewolf Tribe to destruction.

Intended as a modern fairy tale, full of adventure, mystery, suspense and occult, I hope that my book will connect with readers.

 "The Girl Of Dracula" is available on Barnes and Noble. For more info you can visit my Facebook page at:!/pr...

Thank you again, and best wishes to everyone!

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Re: Read My Book!

                                                    Satan Has Left The Earth


The Bible tells us that Satan was thrown out of heaven:

“And there was a war in heaven; …. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan….”
Revelation 12:7-9

We have collected stories of his coming to earth from numerous ancient accounts.  We have gathered scientific evidence of his coming to earth.

God did indeed throw Satan out of heaven.  We have the proof.

Satan caused great evil on earth.  We have come to know him as the personalization of all evil.

He has played a key role in almost all of our various religions.

We need to know the truth about him.

This book will let you know why and how he was thrown from heaven.  This book will let you know a great deal about him.

But best of all, Satan Has Left Earth!

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"Weezie, the Elephant with Allergies" and "In Memory of Dad"






Also, don't miss out on my other ebook, In Memory of Dad ,a sensitive story about the loss of a loved one geared for ages 7-14, only 99 cents a download!