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...And Obey by fern Jardín


Stacey thought she had to look outside of her marriage for a dominant man to satisfy her needs, not realizing that her own gentle spouse is an alpha male waiting to be released. Her frustrations come to a head when she is caught out, betrayed by her own adventurous lust. 


Adam has fought his own desires for years, not realizing that his delicate wife could use a little man-handling. He struggled to be the perfect husband only to find that what he thought was perfect was sexually lacking for his woman. A chance introduction to the BDSM world exposes their darkest desires to each other.


About the Author

Fern Jardín was born in 1977 in Long Beach, CA, to native Texans and grew up wandering the United States. An avid blogger, Fern maintains vehemently that all her works are pure fiction.

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Re: Read My Book! - Catchee Monkey

Hi, I'm Malla Duncan and I'd like to promote another of my psychological thrillers here. "Catchee Monkey" is a chilling read about manipulation and revenge. And murder, of course! Set partly in London and partly in beautiful Sri Lanka, Catchee Monkey will take you into the dark territory of an unstable mind.A truly frightening journey! Only $1.99 in Nook Books.


Catchee Monkey  


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The Gargoyle in the Seine   Hi all, my historical mystery is now available for the Nook. I have two middle-grade adventures published by HarperCollins, but as an avid mystery reader, I wanted to branch out into writing for adults as well.


Here's a description:

Art student Clary Ashton can’t imagine a more perfect spot to study painting than Paris in the spring of 1878, until she witnesses a body thrown into the Seine, the body of Liam Heaton, another art student whose claims to be without money or family never rang true. What Clary thinks is murder becomes much more as Liam’s secrets come to light and his identity is revealed. When Clary’s own brother falls under suspicion for Liam's death, she is desperate to clear him, but as she delves deeper into the murky underworld and the glittering salons of the city, she finds caught between two dangerous men- a political extremist days away from a royal assassination, and the young intrepid British secret agent, Reese Tretheway, who is determined to stop him.

Clary, brought up like a gypsy in the wilds of America, finds her skills at roasting lizards and hunting rabbits little use in seeing behind the treacherous sophistication of both Reese and of those who hold the key to Liam’s death. Reese manages to hunt revolutionaries without ever wrinkling his evening clothes or revealing his own secrets, all of which Clary finds maddening. When Clary realizes she knows too much and has become a target of the revolutionaries, she and Reese have to find a way to tolerate each other long enough to save Clary's brother and try to stop the assassination, or face the possibility of losing their own lives.

Word count: 87,000, Reader's guide included

THE GARGOYLE IN THE SEINE - The chance to study painting in 1878 Paris should have been a dream come true for artist Clary Ashton, until a murder and a royal assassination plot rip through the canvas of her plans.
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Re: Broken Bird

[ Edited ]

A collection of poems.  Some poignant.  Some speaking.  Others with their own unique grace.



Broken Bird  

'Of wings and words and dancing milkweed seeds...'

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An excerpt from the romantic adventure, Jungle Of Deceit  


Chuck had gone ahead to check the trail one last time. It was almost a relief to have him out of her hair. Between him and Wes, their disapproval of her intended destination was stifling. It wasn’t as if she was crossing that barrier—that unseen line where people had gone missing over the past few years. No, they would be a good forty miles from the sector labeled No Man’s Land on Chuck’s map. 

Alex would never jeopardize the safety of her crew, particularly considering most were college students, too young to know any better on their own. Maybe she was barely ten years older than most of them, but it might as well have been a lifetime. Youth was something that fascinated her, but she felt a strange disassociation with it. 

Again Alex’s gaze returned to the photographer. He swiped a hand through hair made darker by perspiration. The hair was nice to look at, but her focus was on that hand. Big and scarred with nicks. A man’s hand. 

That rogue thought spurred Alex to slam down the trunk of the Jeep. The sound drew the photographer’s attention her way and she met his eyes. 

Midnight blue. 

They reminded her of the ponds that provided sanctuary from the rigors of this dig. Cloistered by palm fronds, those small bodies of stagnant water discharged curls of steam on sultry mornings. Each pond was a temple to her. Each a retreat. 
And Mitch Hasslet’s eyes looked exactly like the dark shadows at their depths. 

Alex jerked her glance away. Maybe the move of their camp would improve her sudden treacherous thoughts. Yes, of course it would. A new challenge in an uncharted jungle. Land that no archeologist had covered. 

Well, she couldn’t say that was true. 

If an archeologist had—they never returned to tell about it. 


ENDLESS NIGHT - Carina Press
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Wonderfultales from the Land of the Seven Kingdoms by George W. Van Sise

Thrilling, intelligent, make-believe, for all ages!

The entire world loves folk tales, fairy tales and the stories handed down from earlier generations. Now a new world opens up with twenty meticulously crafted, never before heard stories, involving greedy kings, trapped Princesses, and daring love. Stunning new tales, written in the classic fairytale style, and hosted by the mysterious storyteller Mijel zaz Caroon of Merrinwold.

You will be confronted by giant snow beasts and unexpected wishes, along with brave girls and boys, feisty unicorns, friendship, love, romance, and more. Fateful decisions, evil promises, dangerous secrets, enormous challenges, and daring rescues, await you.

Wonderfultales from the Land of the Seven Kingdoms, appeal to all ages, and are sure to be the new classics.


Delight in tales you have never read before when you step into The Land of the Seven Kingdoms. Guided by your storyteller host Mijel the Tellara, you will experience wondrous transformations, binding friendships, and evil creatures; there is lasting love, frightful dangers, and more.

Wonderfultales from the Land of the Seven Kingdoms, like classic tales from the past, continues the telling of stories filled with wonder and amazement, and is certain to be the new standard in classic entertainment for all ages. Welcome!

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Fundraiser for Life is good Playmakers



I am currently raising funds for the Life is good Playmakers Foundation, a great organization that is part of the Life is good company, the folks who bring us those great t-shirts featuring Jake and his faithful dog Rocket. The Playmakers Foundation helps to train child care professionals who work with kids dealing with life challenging situations.


All author proceeds from the sale of my comic novel Boomerang between October 8th and November 24, Thanksgiving, will be going to the foundation. The price of the book for your nook is just $0.99 and of that $0.60 will go directly to the cause. The rest stays with B&N and Smashwords.


All the details about my fundraising effort, as well as lots of reader reviews from Amazon US and UK, Goodreads and Smashwords, sample chapters and special offers can be found at Boomerang's Home on the Web.






Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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New Sci-Fi/Steampunk Short From James S. Dorr: VANITAS


When he arrived at the New England town of Vanitas, all that Caleb Rushton wanted was an escape from the life of a seaman. What he found there included murder, a ghost-like apparition, a multi-layered trail of deception, and a need for his carpentry skills to help in the building of a gigantic church organ powered by steam.


A great blend of steampunk and horror from our Orbits sci-fi/fantasy short story line.


About Author James S. Dorr:


James Dorr is a short story writer and poet working primarily in dark fantasy and horror with forays into mystery, science fiction, and various combinations thereof.  He currently has two collections, Strange Mistresses:  Tales of Wonder and Romance and Darker Loves:  Tales of Mystery and Regret, from Dark Regions Press and a book of poetry, Vamps (A Retrospective), from Sam’s Dot Publications. Dorr also has three to four hundred individual appearances in magazines and anthologies in the US, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Holland (forthcoming), and Brazil ranging from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine to The Yellow Bat Review.


Dorr has worked as a technical writer and editor, associate editor on a city magazine, a full-time nonfiction freelancer, and a semi-professional Renaissance musician. He has a cat, Wednesday, who’s into mousing and playing with spiders.  For more information see .
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Re: Three FREE Short Ghost Stories!

In addition to the novels I have listed on here for sale, I do have three FREE short ghost stories for the Nook as well. Enjoy a short read to get ready for Halloween!


Slow Down

A short story about a careless driver, named Scott, who caused a tragedy. Scott was haunted by his actions. Would it cause him to change his ways? 


The Ghost of Birch River Cabin

Staying at a dark secluded cabin along the Birch River that his uncle owned seemed like the perfect fly fishing weekend getaway for Paul. Strange occurrences began happening. Would it be enough to prevent the history of the cabin from being repeated?


Winter Visitor

Darren was awakened by a strange sound within his bedroom with a blizzard and subzero temperatures outside. He realized he was no longer alone in his room. Was someone or something after him? Will he be able to evade the visitor?



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Re: Read My Book!- The Power of Breathing

The Power of Breathing  


The most powerful book on breathing that not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows. Several independent studies on breathing are given that confirm the practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort, but discover cures for illnesses such as asthma.