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Industrial Leaks & Air Pollution: Causes, Cures and Health Concerns


 Nonfiction» Health, Wellbeing, & medicine » Cancer 

Published: Feb. 20, 2011
Words: 15698 (approximate)
Language: Englilsh

Book description

”Industrial Leak and Air Pollution” focuses on the sources of outdoor and indoor air pollution, and the measures you can take, particularly against indoor pollution that is directly under your control. It provides not only information on causes of air pollution and related diseases but also measures you can take to maintain good health by breathing air free of harmful gases and particles.

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Romancing Olive by Holly Bush

Romancing Olive , historical romance is available here at B & N for your Nook by clicking on the cover.


1891 . . . Spinster librarian, Olive Wilkins, is shocked to learn of her brother’s violent death at a saloon gaming table. Compelled to rescue and raise his children, Olive travels to Ohio, intending to return to her Philadelphia home with her niece and nephew. Little does she know that the children have come to love their caretaker, widower Jacob Butler. Will Olive return home without them or learn to love Jacob as well?



Sign up at to get first notice for the release of Train Station Bride. The story of Julia Crawford, Boston debutante, who travels to the midwest to marry a shopkeeper in 1887. What happens when the train station groom is not who Julia bargained for!

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Re: Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do by Michael Phelan


Self-empowerment is essentially the Key to everything. Within these pages you will find that Key. This journey of self-discovery is more than mere words, but rather the immediate experience of a true partner/relationship with the Universe. Utilizing tangible experimentation within the anagram CARE we find our true, natural and dynamic potential. Beyond limitations we discover our true self.



Imagine a spiritual journey to the Center of the Universe. You Allow its infinite power to flow through your mind, body and spirit. As you Relax completely, you begin to discover and Express your true and natural self-empowerment experience.


  • Your unrealized human possibilities
  • How to achieve your highest human excellence
  • How to open and strengthen your healing abilities
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness in all fields of endeavor
  • The Path to embracing the transition to Unity Consciousness
  • The dynamic power of partnering with the infinite Universe

Providing the tools for complete life transformation, Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do offers the opportunity for sustainable personal growth, so necessary in these stressful times. A life of exploring world religions and ancient wisdom, combined with unique personal experiences led Michael Phelan to the discovery and revelation of the simple secrets to understanding and utilizing the infinite power of the Universe. Why You Should CARE offers keys and paths to old wisdom and new ideas for individuals to gain mastery of both their internal and external lives. Complete with illustrations, this is a book that is created as a completely user-friendly journey in which Michael not only tells but shows how to gain confidence and success in a short amount of time. Why You Should CARE inspires a shift in the reader's beliefs and attitudes that is so total it enables a positive, life changing experience that becomes an experiential prerequisite for that transformation. Through illustration and experimentation, the reader immediately and intimately begins to realize the many benefits of coordinating and partnering with universal forces. Here are a few examples from the book.

  • How to experience wholeness and also oneness of being.
  • How to identify and eliminate blockages to life force energies.
  • How to cleanse emotional and other distortions from observational filters.
  • How to transition to Unity Consciousness.

More than mere information or intent, Why You Should CARE embodies and imparts the empowerment of experience within its Four CARE Principles:

  • Center
  • Allow
  • Relax
  • Express

Michael Phelan has written a book with instructions for going deeper into the process of understanding the Universe at its most basic and personal.

  • The ways to touch all creation including humanity.
  • How to feel free and safe in your own skin.
  • How to get in touch and transform the life force that is given equally,
  • How to open your senses, feel your strength and clarity and gain your own healing wisdom powers.



Why You Should CARE takes it to the next level. Similar books don't go as deeply or intimately as Why You Should CARE. Self-empowerment is essentially the Key to everything. Within these pages you will find that Key. This journey of self-discovery is more than mere words, but rather the immediate experience of a true partner/ relationship with the Universe. Utilizing tangible experimentation within the anagram CARE we find our true, natural and dynamic potential. Beyond limitations we discover our true self.

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The Power of Breathing

The Power of Breathing  

Published: Feb. 05, 2011
Words: 72396 (approximate)


 Now available in Printed Edition under $10; a discount of $3.60

short description

The most powerful book on breathing that not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows. Several independent studies on breathing are given that confirm the practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort, but discover cures for illnesses such as asthma.

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Home Ice by Rachelle Vaughn

When Ally's regular life collides with Ben's fast-paced world of hockey, romance blossoms in this sweet hockey-themed romance.


Home Ice  


Rachelle Vaughn loves reading and writing all genres of romance. She lives in California where she is at work on her next novel.

Visit her website at

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The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army, by G. L. Cheesman


The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army”, by G. L. Cheesman (nonfiction, ancient history, Rome)


Book description: A classic work, this is the first systematic study of the auxiliary soldiers who accompanied the ancient Roman legions into battle. Using evidence ranging from their gravestones to the discharge papers that eventually granted them citizenship, Cheesman traces the evolution of the “barbarian” auxiliaries from ad-hoc local levies to highly specialized units that were a vital component of the Roman war machine. Separate chapters cover the size and organization of auxiliary units, including conditions of service and military titles; where and why auxiliaries and their officers were recruited; their role in war and frontier defense; and the different kinds of arms and armor used by auxiliaries from the many regions of the Roman Empire. A final conclusion deals with the decline and break-up of the Augustan military system, and the varied fates of auxiliary units left to defend isolated forts far from their ancestral homes. Two appendices cover the strength, positioning, and recruitment areas of the auxiliaries in the peak years of the second century AD.

This ebook has been hand-formatted from the original 1914 edition, with the goal of creating something that is a pleasure to read instead of a chore. There is a full table of contents, all the footnotes (over 500 of them!) have been moved out of the normal reading flow while still being hyperlinked for quick reference, and the 53 tables in the two appendices have been reformatted to fit the narrow confines of an ereader screen.


Meet the Author: George Leonard Cheesman (1884-1915) was a historian and Fellow of New College, Oxford. Serving as a Lieutenant in the First World War, he was killed at Gallipoli. His papers are now in the Bodleian Library.


(I've been researching more about the original author, and will do a memorial post to him soon on

Creating ebooks about ancient military history
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The Day My Socks Ran Away by Michael E. Mitchell

  • This is a wonderful book for children age's infant on up.
  •  Excerpt: "This was a very special morning for Terrence. This was his first day in a new school. He was so excited. But that morning things got kinda weird. ‘Cause that was the day when his socks ran away."
  • Michael E. Mitchell has been writing children's books for more than fifteen years. It is only recent that two of his books have been ePublished.  "ABC's for You and Me" on Amazon /Kindle and The Day My Socks Ran Away, available on both the Kindle and the NOOK.
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Times of Trouble an End Times novel

[ Edited ]

Times of Trouble  an End Times thriller $2.99


Thirty years in the future, the U.S. government has turned into a tyranny as the EPA and TSA grow with ever more power.

Brian, the main character, tells his story from first person point of view. His work with the FBI involves mostly cyber terrorism and actual cases of potential real world terrorism. Eventually, his wife gives birth to their third child, who has Down's Syndrome, which does not please the U.S. Health Administration because there are rules and regulations set-up in cases like these to prevent "genetic freaks" as they like to call them, from sucking up a lot of Health Admin money. Because the Atwoods are born again Christians, they never considered aborting the baby, so now the Health people have to take him away to deal with the problem later.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service decides to recruit Brian to be the personal agent of the President of the United States, David Collins, due to his great work stopping a terrorist plot that would've involved Offutt Air Force Base. Brian's faith is tested every day as he deals with a man that has no morals from what Brian can see, and is tested even more when his wife finds out that she's dying from a fast growing form of breast cancer. Trouble in the rest of the world pits the U.S. against Israel as that country attempts to defend itself from attack.

When the re-election of Collins doesn't turn out the way he wanted it, he and his people declare the election nullified because of supposed "irregularities" with the ballots. Collins claims that the new President-elect may take the seat sometime in the middle of next year, if everything looks to be sorted out. Collins purges his staff of what he considers unloyal people, including Brian. At the same time, Brian loses his wife, but regains the son he thought he had lost.

Brian moves back to his family home in Nebraska, where we follow what happens as the country slowly falls apart. Events play out as Brian and his family sees the End Times approach.

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Dark Liaison, A Christain Suspense Novel (COIL Series #1) by D.I. Telbat

Dark Liaison 


In an age of prophetic strife, spiritual darkness collides with servants of the Cross. Christians worldwide are persecuted on a heightened level, and while no safety seems to exist, one man steps forward.


Corban Dowler is an old-school spy. After accepting Christ's gift of salvation, he resigns from the morally compromised CIA. Desiring to help fulfill God's Great Commission, Corban builds the Commission of International Laborers (C.O.I.L.), and devotes his skills and resources to extract threatened missionary families or Christian workers from danger before death steals them from their righteous work.


For these operations, Corban develops covert, multiethnic, commando-style teams. These ex-military or ex-CIA teams are all believers in Christ, and use only non-lethal weapons.


While COIL works tirelessly to rescue Christians in need, Satan's demonic workers of iniquity are destroying and kidnapping believers in Christ to thwart the efforts of COIL. The operatives become prey to the very wickedness they are committed to fight, and a battle between good and evil emerges. 


Dark Liaison, A Christian Suspense Novel, Book One in the COIL Series, by D.I. Telbat, is an 83,000-word Christian fiction, action-suspense novel of espionage and spiritual warfare. It contrasts those bent on hatred, with the COIL laborers who protect Christians standing for righteousness. And we learn that…there is no redemption without sacrifice.


About the Author:

D. I. Telbat is a Christian fiction author who writes in many genres, but especially Christian action-adventure, espionage, and suspense. David wrote his first novel at age 14, and hasn't stopped since! 


On his website (, David offers his free weekly Christian adventure and suspense short stories, or serialized novels, to entertain, but to bring attention to the Persecuted Church as well. He also posts his author reflections, writing experiences, and occasional challenges to the Christian Church.


Because of his interest in the Persecuted Church and missions, many of D.I. Telbat's stories are about persecuted Christians, their hardships, their sacrifices, and their rescues. Several of his novels include spiritual warfare, as well as espionage.


Visit to download a free PDF Dark Liaison Chapter One, and to read David's many other stories. Right now, he is posting weekly his serialized Christian novel, Jaguar Dusk. You can read it, beginning with chapter 1, at


Dark Liaison, A Christian Suspense Novel, has several 5-star reviews on another retailer's site, but we would like to get some reviews on Barnes & Noble. If anyone would be interested in reviewing this Christian suspense for B&N, please contact Dee at Thank you!



for D.I. Telbat

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Re: Read My Book! Out of the Shadow of Poverty

Out of the Shadow of Poverty 


Out of the Shadow of Poverty is a good old-fashioned memoir, the story of a girl and a family who made the most of what life handed them. Equal parts of discipline and love are applied by a network of people who stuck by each other through good times and bad. To teach many children how to abide and thrive in tough time is hard work.


The description of the southern town, its geography and its resilient people are charming. The description of the homes and schools and stores captured a time that is gone but still shadows the author. The births, deaths, fires, superstitions and home remedies are realistically described. The wine-winning numbers and the family that got along, or not, and still helped each other and shared most of the times.


Rudy’s precognitive dreams and visions ring true. Her awareness of her situation and determine to move herself out of poverty seems unusual in a young girl.