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The Power of Breathing

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The Power of Breathing 



Click below for Printed Edition

The Power of Breathing   


Also available in Paperback Edition


Short description

The most powerful book on breathing that not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows. Several independent studies on breathing are given that confirm the practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort, but discover cures for illnesses such as asthma.

Review Title- Excellent Advice: ***** 5-Star review on Amazon By Suzanne White: Nobody much really knows how to breathe. This savvy book clues you in without boring you to tears. It's a terrific self-helper. SL -Paris.

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Re: Dragons of Wendal - Giveaways!

Two giveaways for my latest book: 

Dragons of Wendal  :

Goodreads, three print copies (US only): ... -of-wendal

LibraryThing e-book, worldwilde:

If you're on either of these forums and plan to read Dragons, I'd appreciate you adding the book to your to-read shelf! The librarything giveaway ends July 27th, so hurry to enter. GR there's another two weeks.

Dragons of Wendal is a cross genre YA/Adult based on the short story Snitched, Snatched (the short story is included as the prologue so no need to look up the short unless you want the Spanish version. Snitched, Snatched sold in English and Spanish in one volume).

Learning new magic isn’t as easy as Zoe expected, especially when the mages at Gorgon University seem dead set against teaching. Add in some necessary late-night sneaking about, and Zoe is almost certain to be kicked out. As for exploring the intriguing mysteries across the border in Wendal, well, it has more teeth than she ever imagined.
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A Simple Solution to America's Weight Problem: Banish Belly and Lose Weight in Just 5 Minutes a Day

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Prophecy, Book 1 of The Ghost Wars Saga

Hello. I'm a new author, just published my first e-book. I got into writing as a hobby and decided to try my hand at writing a story I've had rattling around my brain since Middle School.


Propecy's description follows:


Cuzak Rudir is the newly crowned King of the Specter Alliance. His coronation has left the position as head of the military empty. When he decides to promote his longtime friend, Gregor, over his own brother, Destor, the King's brother takes matters into his own hands. Destor travels to the Alliance's adversary, Mars, and returns with an enemy fleet and a mind for revenge. Amidst the fighting a discovery is made. A book written generations ago, foretelling the war and depicting Cuzak as a hero with supernatural abilities. Now, Cuzak must come to grips with his role in the prophecy as he tries to protect his people from his traitorous brother. But what is driving his brother's actions? Is it simply anger, or an even more mysterious force, long forgotten by the people of Specter?

Prophesy is the first book in The Ghost Wars Saga, a series that blends the science fiction and fantasy genres into an action packed adventure of space ships and dragons, lasers and magic.



Since this is really is a hobby of mine, I don't care to become incredibely popular, but of course it would still feel nice if at least some people bought the book. Anyways, the URL to the BN product page is below.

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Re: End Times Series


Thirty years in the future, the U.S. government has turned into a tyranny as the EPA and TSA grow with ever more power.

Brian, the main character, tells his story from first person point of view. His work with the FBI involves mostly cyber terrorism and actual cases of potential real world terrorism. Eventually, his wife gives birth to their third child, who has Down's Syndrome, which does not please the U.S. Health Administration because there are rules and regulations set-up in cases like these to prevent "genetic freaks" as they like to call them, from sucking up a lot of Health Admin money. Because the Atwoods are born again Christians, they never considered aborting the baby, so now the Health people have to take him away to deal with the problem later.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service decides to recruit Brian to be the personal agent of the President of the United States, David Collins, due to his great work involving a case that dealt with terrorism that would've involved Offutt Air Force Base. Brian's faith is tested every day as he deals with a man who has no morals from what Brian can see, and is tested even more when his wife finds out that she's dying from a fast growing form of breast cancer. Trouble in the rest of the world occurs as Iran attempts to nuke Israel, which fails spectacularly, so Israel takes care of the problem. This brings condemnation from everyone, including the U.S., which takes the side of Iran.

When the re-election of Collins doesn't turn out the way he wanted it, he and his people declare the election nullified because of supposed "irregularities" with the ballots. Collins claims that the new President-elect may take the seat sometime in the middle of next year, if everything looks to be sorted out. Collins purges his staff of what he considers unloyal people, including Brian. At the same time, he loses his wife, but regains the son he thought he had lost.

Brian moves back to his family home in Nebraska, where we follow what happens as the country slowly falls apart. Events play out as Brian and his family sees the End Times approach.


 Times of Trial (Christian fiction)  Book 2


A preacher and his family, the Tyler's, have a church that is dying in Arizona. They take care of the remaining senior citizens of the church, including the ones in nursing homes and in hospice. The only other family in the church, the White's, leave the same church and head to Wyoming where others are so they can attempt to escape the increasing persecution of Christians.
Meanwhile, President Collins orders the activation of Camps across the country that will house believers who he thinks are a threat to his rule. His patron, Michael Collins, manipulates events in the Middle East and continues to manipulate events as the End Times approach.
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Re: Read My Book!

Doughnut Rising  Just want to give everybody a heads up.  Doughnut Rising has been on the Nook for a year now.  In the mood for some comedy relief?  Take a chance and give Doughnut Rising a try. 



Yep, I really wrote Doughnut Rising. Doughnut meet World; World meet Doughnut.
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Re: Boomerang



This summer, May through September, all royalties from the sale of Boomerang are going to support jazz and classical music programming on my local public radio stations, KJZZ and KBAQ.


Details, lots of reviews (45 on Amazon and Amazon UK so far), and sample chapters can be found at





Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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Christian Teen Fantasy Released

[ Edited ]

The teen fantasy entitled Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart was just released.  I think you or your teen will enjoy the fast-paced plot and occasional humor.  Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is available from and from the following website:

Hafren Book Cover
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Re: Laura Meets Jeffrey by Jeffrey Michelson

[ Edited ]

Book JPEGE.jpg“There is no such thing as great sex unless you have an apocalyptic moment.” • “The difference between writing and literature is agreeable style and irony. This book has both.” • “Objective, funny, salacious and perversely-dare I say it- uplifting!” NORMAN MAILER
“Undeniably brilliant.” LEGS McNEIL 
“Swimming in audacity.” DWAYNE RAYMOND


LAURA MEETS JEFFREY is a love story, a name-dropping, hilarious, shameless erotic cyclone, a documentary of the excesses, dangers and extreme edges of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and a close-up personal history of sexual liberation’s primetime. 


LAURA MEETS JEFFREY while she’s working in an upscale New York City brothel in 1980 and they share an apocalyptic moment. It’s love at first orgasm. And so begins their double lives. 
At dinner parties she’s known as a witty lingerie model and jewelry artisan, and a famous film director’s ex-lover. He’s her media wizard boyfriend, a designer discovered by John Lennon who worked for John & Yoko, Apple Records and the Rolling Stones, and then created Puritan, the world’s largest-selling explicit sex magazine. On weekends he boxes with Ryan O’Neal and Jose Torres. 


In their bedroom, many other rooms, rooftops, hotel elevators and the New York, LA and Miami demimonde of call girls, coke dealers, BDSM, on-premise sex clubs, adult bookstore glory holes, orgies, porn stars, Jerzy Kosinski, Al Goldstein and a horny White House speechwriter or two, Laura and Jeffrey transform into unquenchable libidomaniacs. 


Norman Mailer considered his famous interview with Jeffrey and Laura on “Ethics and Pornography,” excerpted as a bonus chapter in this book, one of the best of the more than 600 he gave in his lifetime. Mailer bequeathed the Foreword and gave guidance to this account of two lovers, who missed none of the wild era just before the door slammed shut on sexual freedom and aren’t afraid to reveal all of it. 
Introduction by Legs McNeil.


Laura Meets Jeffrey Website (funny video on homepage)

Good Reads Page

Amazon Page (some great reviews)



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'Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks' by Akhil Behl

Unified Communications/IP Telephony has taken over the SMN and enterprise communication channels by storm, replacing traditional PBX's. However, due to the very nature of VoIP leveraging underlying infrastructure it is susceptible to attacks from within and outside the enterprise.


With that said, whenever it comes to securing telephony or collaboration resources, the key stake holders and decision makers are more or less always susceptive of whether things will work as desired and if introduction of security will break the otherwise working construct.


This title fills in a prominent gap between Unified Communications and Security fronts. People from both worlds can benefit by understanding the requirement from a system and process perspective and how they can contribute to the security of what's an asset to an organization’s daily life operations - communication.


This book can be leveraged as a guide and a reference by engineers, network administrators, architects, and C-Level execs to make informed decisions as well as implement, operate, and maintain a secure Cisco IP Telephony network.


Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks